Make AI your friend, not your enemy

In this webinar, a Khoros customer care expert sits down with an expert from Teleperformance to talk about how AI can enhance digital engagement and help agents meet customers in their preferred channels, optimizing both efficiency and CX.

Embrace the latest AI technology for contact centers and enhance your brand’s digital engagement

In this webinar, Mike Betzer, General Manager of the Khoros Care product line, sits down with Teleperformance’s Paul Joustra to talk about AI and other important contact center technologies. Agents and contact centers aren’t going away anytime soon, but that doesn’t mean they should keep using legacy systems. This webinar covers how agents can partner with AI to create the optimal customer experience, while still keeping the agent as the voice of the brand.

What is digital engagement?

Digital engagement doesn’t mean agents are getting cut out of the picture; in fact, they’re more important than ever for a brand to create a seamless, interactive experience. Mike Betzer will cover exactly why it’s so important to meet customers on their preferred channels with digital first technology like AI assistance and asynchronous chat.

What is the impact on customer care agents?

Once we’ve covered the basics, we’ll also go over how transitioning to a digital-first customer engagement strategy can impact the people talking to those customers: agents. Agent workloads won’t necessarily increase, but they will change, and roles will become more creative as technology does its job. But if the process is done properly, agents will see tech as a support, rather than a threat. AI augments the customer experience, but never replaces the agents, who serve as the face and voice of the brand. Watch the webinar to learn more about this partnership.

Does asynchronous chat really matter?

Companies are sometimes slow to adopt asynchronous chat, as it can seem daunting for agents to handle. But with the right solutions, asynchronous chat can increase efficiency and make agents better at their jobs — all while increasing customer satisfaction as well. In the webinar, we’ll cover exactly why asynchronous chat matters so much to your agents and customers.

Can marketing and customer care work together?

Yes! The webinar will also cover how marketing and customer service go hand-in-hand when contact centers embrace digital-first technologies. In this webinar, we’ll cover how to create a strong partnership between marketing and care, break down the analytics, and get it right. That way, your contact center team can be advocates for the marketing team as well.

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