The Impact of Identifying and Measuring Influencers in Marketing

Consumers today want to be heard, just as much as brands want their message to be heard by consumers.

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The most powerful brand messages often come directly from consumers, not from the brand themselves. The world's largest brands have recognized how beneficial it can be to engage in dialogue with their customers rather than push a message at them.

In today's world of social media, some consumers have louder voices that reach much broader audiences than others. These people have come to be known as "influencers".

Despite differences in the definition of "influencer", everyone agrees that connecting with the people who can drive others to take action is an important marketing tactic.

This guide explores:

  • How to identify influencers
  • 7 basic tips to engage with your influencers
  • How to measure the impact of partnering with influencers in marketing campaigns

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“You want the influencer to tell a story about your brand, but it has to be told in their own voice. They’ve built their networks, and they know best how to talk to them.” — Fresh Jess Media

Identifying and Engaging with Influencers