Scaling customer service with AI

The age old dilemma that businesses face — how to improve customer care while maintaining, or lowering costs — now has a solution: AI customer service. But it isn’t as simple as just swapping agents for bots. Rather, the best value a business can derive from AI customer service is implementing bots to assist agents with repetitive or mundane tasks. This approach serves businesses in the long term, as using bots to help retrieve answers for agents, or answer the simple questions that bog them down, provides agents more time to deliver quality human support interactions that help businesses keep customers for life.

At a minimum, AI customer service allows brands to do more with the agents they already have, and in many cases, it also reduces support costs due to call deflection and increases profit from improved customer satisfaction and retention.

Join Khoros + as we discuss AI customer service best practices and use cases in our recorded webinar: The Bots Balancing Act.

In this webinar you will learn:

  • How to navigate the AI customer service landscape.
  • Which channels and metrics to use, along with where to start.
  • How Khoros supports ai customer service.

Watch The Bots Balancing Act webinar now to learn more about the power of AI.

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