How RACQ reduced response times to deliver exceptional customer care

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When we needed to scale our Social Care Servicing and Management, we formed a strategic partnership with Khoros, and since then we’ve been able to clear every customer care hurdle in front of us.

— Rachael White
Social Media Strategist

Executive summary

The Royal Automobile Club of Queensland (RACQ) has served Queenslanders for more than a century and is currently the State’s largest club. RACQ offers a wide variety of products and services including Banking, Insurance, and Roadside Assistance. As such, RACQ needs to maintain a robust customer care centre that is able to handle time-sensitive matters on a variety of platforms, including digital. Prior to partnering with Khoros, RACQ didn’t have a social moderating system, so care agents had to screenshot customer questions and forward them to the appropriate team for response. There was demand for a more efficient process as the number of enquiries grew. RACQ wanted to transform the way they handled social media customer service, so they onboarded Khoros Care.

RACQ needed a quick, efficient way to interact with customers on digital platforms. They also needed reporting visibility and the ability to prioritise conversations so they never missed a potential emergency and were well-placed during a crisis. Khoros Care allowed RACQ to achieve prioritisation. Escalated issues went straight to the top while less urgent but still important communications were consistently answered. They started by training 12 active team members and soon expanded to their entire 30-person team. Khoros also gave RACQ teams crucial visibility and provided the ability to automate conversations as needed so that they could offer the best customer service possible. With Khoros, RACQ now has thorough, comprehensive reporting abilities, the ability to easily track sentiment and tag conversations, and they have gone from basic insights to rich, valuable insights that drive business value.

Response times to members immediately went down as RACQ transitioned from a native social platform to Khoros. RACQ now has the ability to gain insights about top-performing brand posts on social channels across their roadside assistance, insurance, and banking businesses. RACQ’s process for sharing data and social insights across the business has also been streamlined by their use of Monitor Walls and Shared Dashboards with real-time customisable dashboard reports. With Khoros, RACQ has made their reporting processes more efficient with tagging, routing, and prioritisation and they’ve helped agents filter out noise and work more efficiently. In the future, RACQ plans to investigate asynchronous channels to further enhance the customer service experience.

How they made it work

  • Multi wellbeing


    Digital communications so that escalations could be addressed first and no inquiry went unanswered.

  • Multi network


    Social insights and agent performance across the business.

  • Multi checklist


    Agent performance and volumes then automated analytics and insights around agent states and capacity for resource planning.

  • Multi 206


    Insights about top-performing posts on social media.

“With Khoros, our social care responders have been able to realise incredible efficiency and we are able to see in real-time just how happy our members are.”

— Rachael White
Social Media Strategist


For RACQ, the biggest and most immediate benefit of partnering with Khoros was an efficiency increase. RACQ reduced their average time of first response and by leveraging the Khoros Care platform, RACQ is now able to track insights over social. They now know exactly how much impact their care agents have on customer sentiment. RACQ has also gained insights about top-performing brand posts on social channels — their most recent top-performing post received over 52k impressions and 8.6k engagements, a rate of 16.4%.

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  • 34%

    of conversations that started negative finished positive

  • 46%

    of conversations that started neutral finished positive