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MYOB Leverages Khoros to Develop a Flourishing Online Community

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Executive summary

MYOB, Mind Your Own Business, Australia’s leading accounting software provider, was gearing up to transition their customers from traditional desktop software to cloud-based solutions. They decided to partner with Khoros to divert customer inquiries from email support to a Khoros-powered community.

Customer questions could be answered more quickly if they were diverted to their Khoros-powered community, thereby leaving the support team to focus on the most complex client issues. However, MYOB was apprehensive about closing down their email channel because they were unsure how their customers would react. MYOB wanted to provide quick and knowledgeable online support to resolve customer inquiries without utilizing the email channel — and without customers feeling the loss of that resource. Their Khoros-powered community helped them reach their goals.

MYOB saw multiple positive results from their Khoros-powered community. The average response time was significantly decreased (from several days to several hours), and 65% of customers who posted on their community did not need to utilize the call center or live chat support. MYOB achieved great success assisting customers with the move to cloud accounting solutions, with 100K online subscribers in fewer than two years from the launch. The community ensures that clients (most of whom are small business owners with limited time) can quickly get answers to their questions and get back to work.

How they made it work

  • Multi 219


    The knowledge and experience of their partners through their Khoros-powered community, adding benefit to their customers.

  • Multi blog


    An Idea Exchange where customers can offer ideas and vote on their favorites, making MYOB publicly accountable to act upon feedback.

  • Multi wifi


    A place where customers can resolve issues without needing the call center or live chat support.

  • Multi 221


    The support team to engage more thoroughly with customers with complex issues, improving brand sentiment.

“In our peak period at the end of the financial year when it is impossible to service the incoming support demand, our Khoros-powered community plays a crucial role in allowing us to offer proactive content to answer frequently asked questions by our customers.”
— MYOB Social Customer Experience Team


MYOB has realized significant cost savings by diverting clients to their Khoros-powered community. Now customers can find solutions through other community users without needing to contact the brand or their partners. Their community also allows MYOB to offer a significantly improved support experience. With the same resources MYOB previously used to answer emails, the average client inquiry is now answered within a few hours (down from a few days) through their Khoros-powered community, and as such, their NPS (Net Promoter Score) feedback is now turning around.

  • 1000

    Community posts per week

  • 20,000

    Unique visitors every week

  • 63%

    Increase in community registrations in six months