Measuring the impact of CX improvements on customers and your business

Learn how to break down silos to get your CX program back on track and focus on what matters most: the customer.

Khoros Engage 2021

Unify your CX program to create a center of excellence

Almost every brand out there recognizes the importance of customer experience; most even create a specific CX program to measure and optimize. But these programs are often siloed and survey-based, yielding unreliable results that may not even be communicated to other departments.

In this session for seasoned customer experience pros, we’ll learn about data silos, survey fatigue, and other blockers to a healthy and successful CX program. We’ll also cover how to begin dealing with these issues by creating a unified view of your customers to drive better internal collaboration and deliver on the promise of customer data.

If you’re looking to take your CX to the next level, this is the breakout session for you.

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