Master the digital service funnel: Deflect, Contain, Serve, Optimize

This session covers the art of deflecting inquiry volume to optimize efficiency in the contact center.

Khoros Engage 2021

Maximize efficiency without sacrificing quality in customer experience

This one is for the seasoned digital service pro looking to take their contact center to the next level. In this breakout session, we’ll go over the process of deflecting customer inquiries to self-service portals, chat, and messaging. This is the number one way to improve your customer care operation’s efficiency. By deflecting volume, you can free up your agents to handle difficult cases and decrease volatility when inquiries spike.

After this session, you’ll know how to use AI chatbots to contain easy inquiries and serve the remaining ones with unmatched efficiency. Likewise, we’ll cover how to optimize every brand-owned property, entry point, and interaction to reduce volume and costs while increasing satisfaction.

If you’re looking to maximize an already well-functioning contact center, this is the Engage session for you.

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