Man & Machine: Why consumers want to talk to bots & humans

This breakout session will cover how support agents and chatbots can work together to create a better customer experience.

Khoros Engage 2021

Create better communication between agents and customers — with a chatbot

These days, consumers aren’t as nervous about using chatbots as they once were. In fact, most want to interact with a chatbot, provided that bot can help them resolve their issue. In this pro-level breakout session from Engage, we’ll go over how your agents and customers alike can benefit from advanced AI chatbots. We will also cover how AI can work in the background of all customer interactions to help traffic requests, resolve inquiries more quickly, and even provide insights that you can use to optimize your customer experience.

Use this session to learn where to combine chatbot speed and human understanding to make the most out of every interaction. Your customers and your agents will thank you.

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