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Digital Customer Engagement

Contact Centre: Ecosystem orchestration towards digital-first customer service

A lot has happened - and is still happening - for customer service teams over the last few years

  • Channels and entry points are constantly evolving

  • In-channel service is on the rise

  • The tension between the need to evolve and the cost to serve is higher than ever 

Watch this short video to understand the pressure that customer service leaders are facing. We will walk you through:

Why you need to think about your technology as an ecosystem that needs to be orchestrated, rather than multiple, siloed point solutions

How adding an orchestration layer will allow you to always be able to innovate and adding new tech, like Gen AI or ML models to your stack, without the need to overhaul it completely

What the benefit of the orchestration will be on your customer service teams, allowing them to work smarter, not harder - and for your business to be able to retain them for longer.

Amazon: 5 ways to maximize business performance

Amazon needs no introduction - and their customer centricity has also led them to become a key player in the customer contact center industry.

Watch this video to learn how to

  • Improve agent’s productivity

  • Understand sentiment, conversation characteristics, and agent

  • compliance risks with conversational analytics

  • Improve post contact processing time and improve contact transfers

  • Find agent coaching opportunities

  • Save time accessing agent performance with automated evaluation and scoring

  • Uncover trends and improve customer service

Unveiling the Future: Generative AI and automation beyond the chatbot

It's hard to believe that ChatGPT isn't even a year old when you consider how much Generative AI models have changed the way we work, think and create.

But it's easy to get caught in the hype, thinking they will solve issues that used to require lots of human or technological resources. It can be perilous to jump in the fray and adopt Gen AI and machine learning models without the proper research, care and consideration these changes bring.

But if the hype adds noise, the opportunity is real, as this video will show you.

  • Understand the rise of Generative AI: What is it, where it comes from and what all those acronyms mean

  • The fist hurdles that Gen AI has placed in front of business (data security, anyone?)

  • How businesses can leverage Gen AI today

  • How Khoros is thinking about Gen AI and integrating it in our solutions