Retail trends are constantly changing, forcing marketing retailers to evolve social and digital strategies to keep pace. To identify these changing trends, marketers should listen to social media conversations to monitor them and stay ahead of the curve.

Our Strategic Services team leveraged Khoros Intelligence to identify and track conversations about retail marketing, as well as broader changes to the retail space. Our main goal was to answer one question: what are the most important trends for retailers to pay attention to in 2020?

We identified five key trends that have increased in popularity in the past year:

  • The retail industry’s growing reliance on AI & machine learning
  • New advances in augmented reality to help customers find new items based on their preferences
  • The rise of TikTok as a tool for connecting with younger audiences
  • The need for product customization in a climate where demand for personalization is growing
  • The importance of brand ethics and values, particularly in the wake of COVID-19