How to scale messaging and reduce contact center costs

Khoros talks to customer service leaders from T-Mobile and Facebook, and a guest speaker Forrester Research, about channel integration in customer care strategy.

Khoros Engage

Diversify your channels and support even more customers without raising costs

Customer-to-business messaging continues to grow with Google’s Business Messages, Apple Messages for Business, WhatsApp, and Facebook Messenger. The top brands in the world do their best to support customers on each of these channels, but this can be a major headache without the right strategy.

In this breakout session, Khoros Customer Experience Consultant Allison Fasching interviews customer service leaders from T-Mobile and Facebook, along with a guest speaker and analyst from Forrester Research, to talk about the market as it relates to customer experience, as well as the process, pros, and cons of integrating certain channels. With the right approach to channel integration, and with the right tools, brands can take advantage of the rich benefits and features of these new channels — including call deflection, which helps lower overall support efficiency.

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