Brand quality control: Why visibility and governance are key to building and protecting your brand

Join Eli Lilly and Company as they discuss what quality control means to their brand, and how that’s helping them usher in a digital-first transformation.

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Join Eli Lilly and Company as they discuss their quality control strategy

Don’t let your carefully crafted brand be damaged by one rogue post on social media. Social media governance may sound like something only for your InfoSec team, but it also has one major benefit for social marketers: brand quality control. Quality control isn’t just important in manufacturing or customer service; your brand also has a quality. And from posts that are slightly off-brand to posts that could seriously impact your organization’s reputation, poor quality control can have a significant effect. Likewise, ensuring a high quality brand can improve business outcomes.

The only problem is that social media trends move at nearly the speed of light these days. Trends change extremely quickly, and your brand has to be prepared to shift with them. In this session, we’ll learn from a top brand how they adapt to new trends and plan a flexible, agile strategy, all while maintaining excellent governance on their social media accounts.

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