Crisis management: What we’ve all learned

Crises are inevitable, but they don’t have to turn into disasters. Learn how to identify crises early and handle them before they get out of hand.

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The importance of making a flexible crisis plan for your brand

There’s no need to use the all-too-popular “unprecedented times” refrain at this point. The bottom line is that if you worked for a brand — just about any brand — in 2020, you probably had to deal with a crisis of some kind.

Organizations learned a lot from dealing with crises all year. One big takeaway was that crises will inevitably happen, and there’s a chance your crisis management plan may not address the situation at hand. That’s why you don’t just need a plan, but a flexible and agile one that can help you take on any situation that comes up.

Learn from the best about crisis management

In this breakout session, Khoros Social Media Strategist Aurora Lujan talks to Joël Viotti of Swisscom and Giovanna Dimperio of H-E-B about the key roles and responsibilities critical to scale important communications and identify and take action on emerging crises. They’ll also discuss how to scale customer service during volume spikes and how to bring customers together with the right information.

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