The responsibility of being in charge of customer service can sometimes be overwhelming. Without a strong strategy and tools, disaster can rear its ugly head. Some brands know this all too well.

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What are the most egregious examples of bad customer service in the recent past? Where specifically did these brands go wrong, and generally, what can customer service teams learn from these mistakes?

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  • Using inauthentic corporate speak to respond to customers on social is bad practice.
  • Underestimating the power of a dissatisfied customer can have unfortunate consequences.
  • Demonstrate improvements to customer satisfaction through Net Promoter Score and Customer Lifetime Value
  • Not keeping up with rising customer expectations around response times can spell disaster.
  • Lacking awareness of sensitive topics can wind brands up in hot water.

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“53% of consumers expect a brand to respond to a tweet within an hour.” — Millward Brown Study

Avoiding the Customer Service Fail

Read about 8 epic fails, why they happened, and how to avoid them. Among the topics covered in the paper are: