Digital-First Customer Service: The logical next step beyond self-service

Digital first customer service2

Brands have created a CX monster

It begins when customers are directed to “Call our 1-800 number” or “Chat with a live agent”, which handcuffs brands by making it difficult or nearly impossible to pivot to their ideal CX offering. However, it is possible to reinvent your customer experience — one channel at a time.

In this webinar clip, Khoros Senior Business Value Consultant, Lans Crauer discusses trends, technology developments, and compliance measures put in place across the past thirty years related to the customer service and customer experience industries. Learn how we got here, what brands are up against, and how brands can unravel this mess to deliver a truly omnichannel experience.

Check out our webinar clip below to get the full details, and reinvent your customer experience to better serve your audience across channels!