Deflect and contain: How to provide the best CX with the least effort

In this webinar, Khoros’s customer care and CX experts discuss the best ways to improve your brand’s customer experience without increasing effort.

Deflect & Contain ROI

A webinar for anyone looking to upgrade their customer experience

In this on-demand webinar, Khoros’s own customer care and CX experts Josh Snider and Jacob Borgeson discuss the best ways to improve your brand’s customer experience without increasing effort for you or your agents. They’ll cover the challenges that contact centers face, as well as some promising solutions that can help agents and customers alike feel better about their interactions.

Big challenges for digital contact centers

The webinar begins with a discussion of the challenges that today’s digital contact centers face: increasing volumes, more inquiries on digital channels than ever before, and of course restricted budgets. In fact, 87% of consumers increased their reliance on digital channels for support during the pandemic. Still, though, voice support dominates the support game, making up over 65% of inquiries. This makes reducing and deflecting calls a top priority for any brand looking to improve efficiency.

Digital-first solutions for enterprise brands

The best way to reduce call volume is to deflect it to self-service options like online brand communities, which customers often prefer over traditional support options. Jacob Borgeson, an expert on brand communities, discusses the metrics and strategies that your brand can use to implement this solution. Other ways to handle increases in volume rely on AI chatbots, which can handle simple inquiries themselves and direct more complex inquiries to the right agents, reducing overall time and improving efficiency. Josh Snider, an expert in customer care, talks about these options and how they can serve your brand.

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