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How Chip Ganassi Racing Cracked the Millennial Market with Khoros

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Executive summary

Chip Ganassi Racing faced a problem: their audience was older and more connected to particular cars and drivers than to the sport in general. To keep momentum, build fandom, and earn new sponsorship opportunities, Ganassi needed to reach a wider audience in a new way. To draw in younger audiences, they decided to hold a VIP concert experience called Sound Garage in a race shop for their millennial social media fans. For the first year of their event, Ganassi’s social media team worked without a social media management solution but ran into scalability roadblocks. So for the second year, Ganassi onboarded Khoros Intelligence and Experiences to boost the reach of their event and track their social efforts from start to finish.

To get their name in front of a new, younger audience, Chip Ganassi Racing wanted to partner with millennial influencers. But first, they needed to find them. With Intelligence, they were able to find and invite local and regional influencers who could carry their brand name throughout their social networks. Then, at the event, Chip Ganassi Racing needed to create authentic content for influencers to promote. Social data, gathered with Intelligence, informed the brand’s strategy and boosted the influence of the event. Chip Ganassi Racing also used Experiences during the live event to encourage influencer participation on social media, which amplified the brand’s message through each influencer’s network and provided additional, innovative sponsorship opportunities that spoke directly to the millennial audience they sought to engage.

With Khoros, Chip Ganassi Racing was able to track social activity on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram during their event, all in one easy to follow report. Intelligence showed the brand their peak engagement points during the event which meant that the following year they could target content around those moments and even build new sponsorship opportunities into the event. After partnering with Khoros, Chip Ganassi Racing doubled both the actual social reach and the potential social reach of Sound Garage.

How they made it work

  • Multi 206


    Intelligence to set KPIs and identify regional influencers ahead of the event.

  • Multi 221


    Activation displays for brands with fan mosaics, which put brands in front of millennial fans in an authentic way.

  • Multi 209


    In-venue content and live stream interactive content during the event using Experiences mosaics.

  • Multi blog


    Conversation and peak engagement points with Intelligence to influence future events and unearth new sponsorship opportunities.

“Millennials don’t want you to tell them what they need to do, nor do they want an event to be fully branded — they want an event to be a personal experience. With Khoros, we hit every mark.”
— Sam Pierce
Senior Manager of Digital and Social Media, Chip Ganassi Racing


Khoros helped Chip Ganassi Racing reach a new, younger audience in an authentic way that spoke to their audience’s needs, and it worked. Ganassi invigorated an entirely new fan base and opened up new sponsorship opportunities for the brand.

  • 2x

    Attendees year-over-year

  • 7.4M


  • 35M

    Potential reach/exposure for the night