Chat more, sell more: How conversations unlock revenue

Learn why conversational commerce within your messaging platform is a must-have for your marketing organization.

The marketing environment is rapidly changing

If you’re in a marketing organization, change is inevitable — especially lately. Customer demands are constantly shifting, and 77% of marketing leaders admit they struggle to keep up. In this innovate or fall behind landscape, very few brands are able to maintain leadership; their marketing strategies simply grow stale over time, and they’re slow to change.

All this means that your marketing team has to think outside the box in order to compete. They have to “shoot in front of the target” — try to predict the trends of the near future to be able to execute effective strategies, even in the short term.

One of the most prominent shifts in the space is messaging; a full 70% of consumers say they’re more likely to give a brand their business if that brand offers the chance to contact them via text, web chat, or other messaging options. That presents an enormous opportunity for marketers.

Bringing sales and marketing into the chat experience

In this on-demand webinar, you’ll see how brands can do more than just support with their chat offerings. Rather than simply allowing agents to answer questions, a modern chat solution can help agents suggest products and upgrades that are relevant to a particular customer. These solutions can even integrate with ecommerce websites to show catalogs and even complete transactions — all within the messaging conversation.

This is a game changer for marketers trying to figure out new ways to get customers’ attention: it happens directly within an inquiry, giving the brand a far better opportunity to sell the customer right then and there. This webinar covers exactly why this is such an important part of the customer experience. To learn more about conversational commerce, watch it today.

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