The bot balancing act

In our ebook, The Bot Balancing Act, you’ll learn how to incorporate business automation into customer service in a way that improves operational efficiency and customer satisfaction. The secret? Using AI to assist rather than replace your customer support agents.

AI has leapt from the pages of sci-fi novels into the digital engagement space — but businesses still struggle to understand its true value to apply it in a balanced way that serves them in the long term. A lack of understanding leads many brands to invest incorrectly, so they find their customer support suffers where they thought it would soar, all to the detriment of their bottom line. While nearly 70 percent of high-performing companies are actively pursuing ways to use AI, only 57 percent have a “completely defined plan” to actually use and benefit from it.

In this ebook, we provide actionable tips including:

Start small with how you use business automation and iterate

Begin with one or two specific use cases that your business needs and your customers would appreciate. Limit discoverability to a segment of your customer base and scale from there. Be focused in your approach, so you can learn and unlock the most value.

Expand beyond automated interactions (chatbots)

Why limit yourself to customer-facing use cases (e.g., chatbots), which are inherently more risky when it comes to proving out solutions? Consider starting with behind-the-scenes bot use cases — interacting with your agents vs. communicating with your customers — to help your business learn and gather the right data first.

Be transparent about business automation — internally and externally

Make it clear to customers that they are interacting with a bot, and make it simple to bypass the bot if desired. With internal colleagues, gather the right supporting cast so that this initiative is a team effort focused on the right outcomes, and does not become a siloed skunkworks project.

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