Call deflection with Apple Messages for Business

Support calls are expensive. Learn how to deflect them using Apple Messages for Business.

Don’t hire more agents. Deflect more calls.

Customer service calls are expensive, inefficient, and often unnecessary. Until recently, deflecting these calls was very difficult. But with Apple’s rich mobile messaging channel, Apple Messages for Business, brands can easily deflect calls, reduce costs, and create rich experiences that increase customer satisfaction. In short, Apple Messages for Business can help you increase your efficiency.

Learn how Apple Messages for Business can help your brand deflect call volume

In this thirty-minute session we’ll examine:

  • Apple Messages for Business’s most powerful feature: Message Suggest detects when an iOS user is about to place a call, and gives the option to message instead. See how it works, and learn why it’s poised to transform the contact center.

  • Messaging entry points: There are a mix of entry points brands can use to invite customers to message instead. Learn when and how to use very direct or subtle organic entry points to deflect calls.

  • How to get started: Understand use cases, how to engage Apple and Khoros experts, and the easy steps to turn on Apple Messages for Business — everything you need to start deflecting more calls to rich messaging conversations.

Watch the on-demand webinar now to learn how Apple Messages for Business can help your brand take your customer care experience to the next level.

Watch the on-demand webinar