Apple Business Chat: Product overview

Discover how to respond quickly with bots, more efficient human agents, and personalized messages at scale with Apple Business Chat.

Reduce call volume and offer the richest messaging experiences

When your customers have questions or need help, they call. Give your customers on over 1.5B Apple devices the option to message instead. Make it easy for them to ask questions and get support while still reducing costs and increasing revenue for your brand.

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Respond quickly with bots, more efficient human agents, and personalized messages at scale. With innovative calendar and payment integrations, Apple Business Chat enables cutting-edge support and shopping experiences that ensure you never miss a moment to connect — helping you create customers for life.

Why Apple Business Chat?

  • Deflect calls, reduce costs
    • Apple’s Chat Suggest feature is the industry’s most powerful call deflection technology. When customers place a call, iOS prompts them to start a messaging conversation instead — and 60% of consumers pick messaging. Deflect expensive calls into efficient messaging where bots and AI-enhanced agents can reduce costs and increase satisfaction.

  • Deliver rich experiences
    • Spice up your support with rich links, list and time pickers, wallet integrations, seamless authentication, and best of all — Apple Pay. Business Chat conversations live in users’ Messages app, making it easier than ever for customers to re-engage your brand with their full conversation history.

  • Empower brands to do more with less
    • More self-service options and increased agent productivity. Less inefficiencies, operational costs, and customer churn. Turn it on without big IT implementations, and throttle and control volume to allow a phased approach that matches your capacity.