Hang up the phone: 5 ways you can cut voice volume and costs

Voice is here to stay, but it’s not the only option anymore

A whopping 87% of customers increased their digital usage during the pandemic, accelerating a trend that’s been coming for a long time: the switch to digital. Now, to be clear, voice interactions aren’t going anywhere, nor should they. Many customers still prefer to call brands on the phone, and even more still see voice as a last resort to resolve their issue.

But as digital channels proliferate, they present a clean, easy way to cut costs and keep customers happy.

Cut contact center costs

Interacting with customers via channels like social media, web chat, and others gives your brand a number of advantages, not the least of which is that these channels are far cheaper and more efficient than voice. But perhaps even more importantly, customers are starting to prefer digital interactions, especially as brands get better at them.

In this exclusive on-demand webinar, the customer service experts from Khoros cover the five best ways to reduce those contact center costs while improving customer experience. It’s a must-watch for any contact center leader.

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