Khoros Brexit Statement

Khoros does not anticipate that there will be any material impact on the continuity of our services to any of our UK/EU customers in a no deal scenario.

Khoros hosts its European customer's Care and Community personal information in AWS Ireland. For Khoros’s personal data transfers from the UK to EU, Brexit will have no impact because the UK intends do deem the EU adequate for data transfers. For Khoros’s transfers from UK to rest of world, in the event of a no deal Brexit, the ICO’s latest guidance states that our continued reliance on EU Standard Contractual Clauses will be permitted. Once the UK government definitely determines which export solutions it will allow for transfers of UK personal data to non-EU countries, Khoros is committed to evaluating such solutions and implementing one as soon as possible.

If you have any questions regarding the above, please email

Thank you,

Khoros Legal Department