Third-party REST Integrations and custom endpoints

The Khoros FreeMarker API enables you to make server-to-server REST calls and deeper integrations with third-party REST APIs. With FreeMarker and our custom endpoint architecture, you can access and manipulate the HTTP client request and response. These HTTP client request and response objects alleviate JavaScript cross-domain and browser compatibility issues.

These client request and response objects can be called within custom endpoints or from a page initialization script that Khoros provides, which runs server-side once per request to execute business logic prior to the rendering of any HTML markup.

Third-party integration categories using our FreeMarker API and endpoints include, but are not limited to:

  • CRM - SAP Customer Experience Cloud and Zendesk (Microsoft Dynamics and Salesforce come as out-of-the-box features)

  • Surveys - Qualtrics

  • Ticketing/Bug Tracking - JIRA

  • Search - Coveo

  • Video Streaming - Coveo

  • Marketing Automation - Marketo Munchkin

  • Analytics & BI - Alteryx, Domo, Google Analytics, Qlik, and Tableau

  • Content Management - Adobe

  • Content Syndication - Adobe