Khoros Environments & Redundancy

Your Khoros Community contract includes a Stage and Production instance. Our customers push changes from Stage to Production using Studio Publish, a self-service tool.

You can purchase additional instances to meet more complex development and testing scenarios like a separate instance for development and refresh projects so that they don't conflict with your stage environment structure and customizations or a pre-production instance for user acceptance testing (UAT) at a production environment's scale of data.

environment workflow

If you are migrating to Khoros Community from another community platform, a temporary migration instance is issued. Complex testing against a production-sized data set might benefit from a Pre-Production instance.

Production environments horizontally scale on demand to meet site traffic and data needs. Production sites guarantee uptime per your service-level agreement, require no downtime during upgrades and restarts, and are monitored 24/7 by our Outage Team.