Customization Framework

Khoros Community comes with a set of core out-of-the-box features to create a vibrant community experience. However, Khoros also provides many customization points that enable you to tailor Khoros Communities to fit your unique needs. See our core features (such as pages, layouts, components, and CSS) along with available customization points and the APIs below.

Use our page and component libraries to build your community experience. Override with your own version and create new pages and components using the FreeMarker and REST APIs.

Our FreeMarker API provides access to specifically-exposed data in the page and environment context as well as Community data via the Community REST API. For deeper API integrations to external systems, use the FreeMarker API to manipulate the HTTP client request and enable server-to-server REST calls..

Match the Community page wrapper to your company brand easily in our Studio app. Via Studio, you can add meta tags, links to external CSS and JavaScript, and analytics tracking in a single location.

Customize our Responsive skin with your own SASS/CSS to style components, pages, typography, fonts, and more. Your skins, wrapper, components, endpoints, and pages can reference assets such as fonts, icons, images, and JavaScript that you load into the Asset Library.

Developers can build in Studio or in a favorite integrated development environment (IDE) using the Community Plugin SDK.