The Ultimate Facebook Marketing Guide for Social Media Managers
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The Ultimate Facebook Marketing Guide for Social Media Managers

by Khoros Staff | Apr 12, 2018

Facebook is the platform of choice for marketers.

In their 2016 Social Media Marketing Industry Report, Social Media Examiner found that over half of marketers currently use Facebook as their main platform.

If you’re just getting your feet wet in social marketing, Facebook can be overwhelming. But fear not — we’ve compiled this handy Facebook marketing guide complete with the latest features, tips and tricks to help you drive immediate results and take your Facebook marketing to the next level. For even more information, read our Social Media Pocket Guide.

Tip #1: Give people easier ways to take action with call-to-action buttons

Everyone knows the basics of creating a Facebook page. You’ve selected your username, added a visually appealing cover photo and uploaded your profile picture — now what? Some of the easiest and quickest ways to drive results on your page, especially through mobile, are new improvements to existing features you may not even be aware of.

In late 2016, Facebook enhanced their call-to-action buttons. Here are the two new ways to implement these enhancements so that your fans can connect with you directly:

  • Integrate with your existing service providers — giving your fans the option to order food, book appointments, buy tickets, and see showtimes.
  • Manage booking and inquiries through Messenger. With the options to get a quote, request a time, or shop now, a Messenger thread is automatically created between your business and that person.

Tip #2: Generate new sales through Facebook Live

With the launch of Facebook Live, video streaming has officially gone mainstream. If you have not yet embraced this feature, it’s not too late. Here are some excellent ways to use Live videos to improve your reach and generate sales:

  • Identify your top FAQs and answer them in a weekly series. Include a call to action during the Live broadcast, so customers know how to reach you, order from you, or reach out with more questions.
  • Tease new products by giving fans a sneak peek before the product is widely available. Social Media Examiner recommends, “providing a link during your video to take preorders and capitalize on the excitement from your customers.”

Tip #3: Leverage your current customers and target your competitor’s customers with Facebook ads

Over 85% of social marketers are using Facebook ads, so if you’re not using them, it is extremely likely that your competitors are. Facebook actually offers several ways to leverage a competitor’s presence to your advantage:

  • Upload a customer email or phone number list to find those people on Facebook. Once you’ve created a Custom Audience, you can run a targeted ad campaign marketing a new product, offering an exclusive discount or getting people to register on your website, for example.
  • To target your competitors’ fans on Facebook, browse for them by name in the Interests category when you are creating a target audience.

Tip #4: Build brand awareness by engaging on and with other Facebook pages

Not all of your Facebook marketing strategies should be limited to activities on your page.

  • Use the "Search Facebook" box to find conversations about your industry or your brand name. View the “Latest” tab to see the most recent public posts. When you find a relevant post, like, or comment to build awareness with their fans.
  • Within your own posts, tag brands and influencers — especially when you’re sharing their content. They will be notified that you’ve tagged them and often will share your post.

Bonus Tip: Facebook Messenger

If you think that Messenger is just for conversations between friends and family you’re missing out on a powerful marketing and customer service tool. One billion messages are sent between people and Facebook Pages each month. Messenger offers a unique way to connect and serve your customers, and brands like Rogers Communications have seen a 66% decrease in response times coupled with a 72% increase in customer satisfaction metrics since integrating Messenger. Here are just four of the ways Facebook gives your brand to converse with people on Messenger:

  • Leverage your existing resources and automate your replies with bots so you can reach more people.
  • With structured templates, choose how text, photos, and CTAs appear so you can chat in the way that works best for you.
  • Send timely, relevant reminders that keep people informed and keep you top of mind.
  • Use artificial intelligence to identify what people are saying and create scalable, delightful experiences in an instant.

If this guide was helpful for you, you'll love reading our Social Media Pocket Guide for further insight into social media marketing.

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