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Louis Theroux & Jason Dorsey to keynote at Khoros Engage 2021

by Khoros staff | Aug 09, 2021

We’re thrilled to announce this year’s Khoros Engage keynote speakers: Louis Theroux and Jason Dorsey. For our European audience, Louis Theroux will join a Q&A interview hosted by our EMEA Marketing Director, Sandrine Zechbauer, and Jason Dorsey will deliver a keynote speech for our North America, Australia, and New Zealand audience.

Both will come to Khoros Engage from different professional worlds but both are passionate about uncovering truths about particular audiences and creating genuine human connection. Theroux and Dorsey’s work offers brands unique insights for brands looking to evolve their digital customer engagement strategies in order to stay all-ways connected, one of our core tenets at Khoros.

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Louis Theroux’s Engage keynote Q&A

We’ve been waiting for over a year to have this conversation with Louis and we are so excited to have such a talented, creative, and downright funny person like Louis. In fact, we want to give you a sneak peek at some of the questions that we just can’t wait to ask him. Here’s what we want to know more about from Louis:

  • Over the years, you’ve done countless documentaries and recounted so many weird and interesting stories. And this is what we do here at Khoros: we give companies the tools, the technology, and the expertise to tell their own stories. So let me start with the most obvious question: what makes a good story?

  • At Khoros, we talk a lot about the importance of being all-ways connected and building trust with our audience: based on your own experiences, what advice would you give to build those connections? How do you get people to open up to you so much?

  • And finally, it’s been tough for people to stay focused and motivated over the last 18 months. How have you found it? Where do you get your inspiration from?

We can’t wait for Louis’ chat with Sandrine Zechbauer, not only because of his diverse experiences and perspective, but also because of his reputation for fearlessness — Q&A interview session is certain to be unforgettable.

Jason Dorsey’s Engage keynote

Dorsey’s Engage keynote titled, “Crossing the Generational Divide: New Insights and Strategies to Drive Fast Results,” will offer brand leaders insights into the unprecedented generational changes and challenges they face. Strategies that work for one generation, explains Dorsey, can actually turn off other generations — a challenge, to be sure. But, depending on how brands respond, it can also be an opportunity for innovation, leadership, and growth. Attendees will learn digital engagement strategies to help their brand connect across generations. They’ll also learn what will be valuable to the next wave of exceptional customer experiences, including discovery commerce, messaging, and more.

We asked Dorsey why he’s looking forward to speaking at Engage:

“I'm fired up about speaking at Khoros Engage because the event attracts the best thinkers and doers in the industry. The conversations, content, and perspectives are filled with new insights, data, and strategies. I love events that combine strategy and tactics along with new insights and firsthand stories. From my experience, Khoros Engage does all this and more.”

Dorsey’s perspective will help Engage attendees better connect with and market to their Gen Z customers, something that Dorsey explains is urgent. Not only is Gen Z now determining the brands, products, services, and experiences they plan to take further into adulthood, says Dorsey, but also, their consumer and marketplace behaviors currently influence every other generation. “When you market effectively to Gen Z,” explains Dorsey, “you not only attract them, you also position yourself for success with other generations, too.”

Theroux and Dorsey come to Khoros Engage from different professional worlds, but both concern themselves with correcting misunderstandings. Rather than relying on popular myths that ultimately don’t lead to valuable connections, they’ve each spent their careers uncovering stories (Theroux) and hard data (Dorsey) about misunderstood people and populations. This is a crucial piece of the customer engagement puzzle as true connection rises from true understanding. Theroux and Dorsey’s work offers brands ways to stay all-ways connected, one of our core tenets at Khoros.

About Louis Theroux

Louis Theroux is an accomplished documentary filmmaker, writer, and producer. His works illuminate the lives and beliefs of misunderstood and ignored populations — an invaluable perspective for digital thought leaders. Theroux’s informal, curious documentarian style results in revealing, informative, and entertaining films. Topics he’s explored include dementia, South African extremists, gambling, transgender issues in children, motherhood, eating disorders, and cosmetic surgery.

Louis famously found and interviewed Tiger King before Netflix did — a true testament of his unique storytelling ability. He’s also described many of his experiences, on and off camera, in his book “Gotta Get Theroux This: My Life and Strange Times in Television”.

About Jason Dorsey

Called a “research guru” by Adweek, Dorsey is on a mission to surface Gen Z and Millennial truths from generational noise through the expert application of data. He is president of The Center for Generational Kinetics (CGK), the leading generational research, strategy, and consulting firm. CGK works with more than 700 clients to solve generational challenges related to sales, marketing, recruiting, and innovation. CGK’s PhD-led team has conducted more than 70 generational studies across four continents in multiple languages. The data-driven insights of Dorsey’s team have helped them take clients from the bottom of the field to the top in both employee retention and customer growth.

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