Thanking Community Managers Everywhere

Khoros Staff

This is a note from Khoros CEO, Jack Blaha, to celebrate Community Manager Appreciation Day on Monday, January 27. This professional holiday takes place the fourth Monday in January as a way to recognize and thank the efforts of Community Managers around the world using social media and other tools to improve customer experiences.

Today is a special day here at Khoros where we take the opportunity to celebrate key team members around the world on Community Manager Appreciation Day. Over the years, communities have made a growing impact on the way businesses interact with their customers and their employees. Behind the scenes of these powerful communities are people who make them work, and drive these interactions: the Community Managers. I’m honored to take a minute to personally celebrate the unique contributions these team members make to help make communities a unique way for companies to engage.

Here at Khoros, we view Community Management as an important part of our objective to help companies create to create customers for life. Every day over fifty Khoros staff help our customers build and grow their communities as part of our Professional and Strategic Services teams. Each online community is unique, but behind every effort is a dedicated team of professionals committed to serving and empowering customers and employees.

Thanks to the dedicated Community Managers around the world, communities are places for users to find and share common interests, contribute ideas for business innovation, and be a part of building the brands they love.

Appreciating and advancing community management is about more than one day a year. Our Atlas Community is a place for Community Managers, by Community managers, where they can connect, learn, and share ways to build better communities in the future.

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Special thanks to our Atlas team: Dan, Lisa, Jamila, Andy, and everyone else who makes it run.



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