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Spredfast & Lithium: the Future of Customer Engagement

by Khoros staff | Sep 04, 2018

Today, we’re proud and excited to announce some great news. Spredfast will be merging with Lithium, the leader in digital customer care. We are joining forces to create the industry’s most powerful platform for the future of customer engagement.

Our shared mission is to transform how businesses use digital channels to build trust with their customers. With the backing of Vista Equity Partners, we are excited to improve our ability to do just that. By merging, we’ll be the only platform in the industry that can manage all of a brand’s digital customer engagement. We’ll give enterprises one view of the customer, one engagement interface, and one way to measure results.

The most powerful technology

Our combined areas of expertise are complementary to one another. Lithium and Spredfast pioneered the creation of branded communities, social marketing, and social customer care — specializing in the needs of global enterprises.

Together, we analyze 500 million consumer touch points per day. Spredfast’s leadership in social marketing combined with Lithium’s expertise in digital care make a game-changing combination. Our solutions are recognized as leaders in multiple software categories. We’ve won prestigious industry awards. Most importantly, our customers love our products.

The best team

Our companies went to market in social at nearly the same time. Over the past ten years, we’ve both grown incredibly fast and served thousands of customers around the world.

Together, we have the strongest social software engineering team in the industry. We have the healthiest financial position in the market. This merger will let us move even faster and go even deeper to build the most innovative customer engagement software in the market.

Our shared passion for customer success

Both teams come to work every day committed to helping customers succeed because we know their success is the bedrock of our business. Together, we serve the most forward-thinking community of 2,000+ brands in 100 countries. Now that our team of passionate success experts has doubled, we look forward to serving these customers even better.

We can’t wait to connect you to these experts at this year’s Smart Social Summit, at industry events, and in our 10 offices around the world.

Some final details

The new company will be privately held by Vista Equity Partners. Pete Hess will be the new CEO — Rod Favaron will be staying on to advise Pete and the team through the transition. For the time being, customers will continue to work with the same customer success teams and use the same great products and solutions that they have access to today.

The road ahead

We are incredibly excited about the road ahead for our merged company. Our technology, team and success focus are going to reshape how companies engage with customers to build loyalty and grow their businesses. Welcome to the next phase of digital customer engagement!

For more information on this merger, read the full press release here.

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