Khoros Social Media Management Fresh Features Episode 4

Khoros Staff

Welcome to the latest product release for Khoros’ Social Media Management. These include Instagram Story publishing, our highly anticipated paid advertising integration, and Manage view enhancements for Khoros Care users, guaranteed to skyrocket your social teams’ speed and scalability. Take a closer look!

Single workflow Instagram Story publishing

Users can now publish Instagram Stories directly from the Khoros Social Media Management web app, benefitting from the following functionalities:

  • Integrated with Instagram API for brands, Khoros Social Media Management users can upload up to ten images per story, including videos up to 60 seconds long.

  • As with other post types supported by our solution, social publishing teams can filter by Instagram Stories type, review calendars and analytics, and smoothly click out to the native post itself.

What does this mean for you?

Skip the mobile app workflow handoff. Within the platform your team can now simply click “Create Post,” select an Instagram handle, and review your brand’s content for its ideal aspect ratio before publishing Stories — all in one workflow without disruption.

Best-in-class paid advertising (powered by Skai)

You asked, and we delivered. Skai’s omnichannel ad platform now integrates with Khoros, enabling users to unify workflows across their brand’s paid media with Khoros’ organic publishing and response capabilities.

Skai Product Screenshot 1
Skai Product Screenshot 2

Clicking the “Product Picker” drop-down and selecting Skai will enable social media and demand generation teams to seamlessly navigate between their programmatic advertising execution and Khoros’ organic publishing and engagement platform.

What does this mean for you?

Assemble the best-in-class kit your team needs to drive revenue, brand reputation, and engagement across paid and organic channels. Tapping into our partnership with Skai means you’ll unlock the following benefits:

  • Single-sign-on and a unified social calendar for your paid and organic publishing

  • Industry-leading capabilities, customer support, and strategic partnership

  • All within a simple, single-contract procurement process

Review posts faster with single-view functionalities

Exciting news for social and service teams using Khoros Care! We have released a series of features to Manage View that make resolving large volumes of mentions and conversations more effortless than ever.

1. Tag, change priority, and close out within a single view

This update is for Khoros Care users who need help handling large influxes of information, such as during viral or timely events. With new Bulk Actions functionalities, users can execute multiple actions within a single view. Simply select the relevant conversations, tag them, change their priority, and close them out — all while avoiding making multiple bulk selections.

Bulk Actions Product Screenshot

2. Like and retweet faster and at scale

Instead of clicking and zooming into a conversation to add a like or retweet, social media and service teams can now do this directly from the column with the Social Quick Actions functionalities, simplifying engagement and sharing brand love at scale.

Like and Retweet Product Screenshot

3. Increase post visibility with new filter options

Khoros Care users can now filter conversations in Manage View based on whether they are a “First Post” or a “Reply” in a thread, unlocking an extra layer of visibility to track relevant posts and their momentum.

Filter Options Product Screenshot

What does this mean for you?

Simplify your team’s workflow to encourage its scalability. With our new Khoros Care updates, your social and service teams can now organize and review posts more efficiently by centralizing more tasks within a single view.

What’s next?

Don’t miss our next Fresh Features episode, where we’ll continue to introduce market-leading features to our Khoros Social Media Management solution, designed to help you reach your social media goals with confidence. 

In the meantime, if you’re interested in learning more about the fantastic new features in this blog, please don't hesitate to reach out to your customer success manager or book a demo to learn more.

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