Social Media Management Fresh Features - Episode 3

Khoros Staff

You asked, and we answered! See what the new Khoros Marketing and Khoros Care capabilities are all about.

1. Publish Twitter threads

A Twitter thread is a series of Tweets that can be read as one continuous post. Social publishing teams can now use Khoros to draft, review, schedule, and publish up to 25 tweets in a single Twitter thread.

Why is it important?

Take advantage of this popular format brands use to drive more impressions and deeper engagement on their organic content.

Now available by popular demand— the ability to create and manage Link in Bio pages! Users can customize the page URL, header, and avatar image and configure the preferred call to action button.

Why is it important?

The ability to manage Link in Bio pages and track their engagement in Khoros helps teams maximize the value of Instagram bio’s real estate without adding extra work to your link tracking or attribution workflows.

3. Favorite, duplicate, prioritize, & filter

It’s easier than ever to organize and manage high volumes of conversations in Khoros Care.

Make a “favorites” list. Creating a favorites tab is as easy as clicking the star next to an existing view, giving your team quick access to the views they use most.

Easily create new views by duplicating existing ones. There is no need to start from scratch when creating a new view. Now, you can duplicate an existing view and only change the elements needed. The copied view will inherit all the same columns, filters, and shared settings as the original one.

Give priority to urgent tasks with the “needs attention” column. The “needs attention” column visualizes priority tasks for users who want a more zoomed-in view of their tasks.

Filter columns by engagement status.

  • Brand: shows already-engaged users handled by brand reps
  • Non-brand: shows users engaged by other community members or social users but not brand reps
  • No engagement: shows fully unengaged conversations and posts

Why is it important?

These enhancements enable teams to customize views in Khoros Care even better than before, allowing them to organize and prioritize workflows and better serve customers. 

For demonstrations of how these features work, check out our Khoros Social Media Management Fresh Features video.

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