Fresh features Ep 2, July 2023 launch | Khoros social media Management

Khoros Staff

As a marketer, it is essential to have a social media management provider that listens to feedback and keeps you up to date with the ever-changing landscape of social media. At Khoros, we’re doing just that — constantly incorporating customer feedback and advancing our social media management software with innovative features. 

We’re excited to showcase the newest features available in Khoros Social Media Management: A comprehensive employee advocacy platform integration and updated LinkedIn publishing capabilities. These updates are designed to further enhance your social media marketing initiatives and maximize your brand’s impact across multiple platforms.

1. Employee advocacy integration

The employee advocacy integration allows you to seamlessly plan and publish posts in Khoros marketing to the industry-leading platform EveryoneSocial. With a few clicks , you can:

  • Build a new employee advocacy campaign (or link to an existing one)

  • Configure settings for the campaign, like toggling branding on or off

  • Customize copy by channel

Why is it important?

If you have not incorporated employee influencers as a channel in your social strategy, now is the time to take action.

A successful employee influencer program can:

Executing a successful employee influencer strategy has never been simpler, as it can be managed all from within the Khoros marketing platform.

2. Enhanced LinkedIn publishing capabilities

The new LinkedIn publishing capabilities provide you with two highly beneficial features:

1. Create and save targeting profiles: create an audience profile you want to target on LinkedIn using filters like geography, job function, industry, and company size. Save the profile, then viola, your job has just been made easier the next time you want to target a specific audience on LinkedIn.

    2. Govern individual access to those profiles: Manage and select which team members can access the targeted profiles you create. Choose between locking down targeting parameters or allowing your team members to make changes.

    Why is it important?

    With over 930 million users and growing at a rate of 3 new members every second, LinkedIn remains a pivotal channel for B2B marketers to effectively engage their audience. . Leveraging the latest Khoros features, you can seamlessly implement your LinkedIn marketing strategy within the Khoros platform, streamlining your efforts and maximizing your impact.

    With our latest release, you can achieve:

    • Better LinkedIn targeting

    • Less screen switching

    • Seamless omnichannel publishing

    What’s next?

    Our team is busy working on the next round of Khoros Fresh Features, including:

    • Channel integrations

    • Workflow enhancements

    • AI powered automations

    Stay tuned for our next episode!

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