Khoros Service Fresh Features Episode 4

Khoros Staff

Welcome to our latest Khoros Service product release. featuring advanced gen-AI knowledge for faster automation, improved WhatsApp templates with less code and complexities, pre-built widgets to track your chatbot performance, new rich link previews for messages, and enhanced agent accessibility.

Let's explore how these innovations can strengthen your digital customer service strategy.

Advanced GenAI knowledge for improved automation

Introducing Helix, our advanced GenAI integration layer designed to benefit both Khoros Flow users and teams by allowing you to manage bot and agent-assist knowledge sources — better and faster. Helix also integrates with various GenAI models, such as Google and Open AI, to enhance automation and scale operational flexibility.

Let's explore how Helix simplifies the chatbot and agent assist creation process in more detail:

For Khoros Flow users

Say goodbye to tedious manual training of intents and designing customer journey flows, as Helix will take care of all of it in a fraction of time. This integration is a game-changer and guarantees improved automation and faster time-to-value.

With the ‘try-out’ feature for Gen-AI, conversational designers can test out flows while designing their Gen-AI-powered chatbots.

The management layer offers effortless integration of your knowledge sources from different inputs, empowering Gen-AI to deliver prompt and accurate responses. Aside from importing knowledge sources as a CSV file, you can now import

  • excel files and sheets,

  • copy and paste content in bulk from other sources

  • or manually add knowledge directly into Flow

Watch out for new import capabilities soon.

Helix update

For teams leveraging agent assist

Agent assist keeps delivering for customers, which has been made even better by adding guides connected to Helix. What's more, you can now supply agent assist widgets with responses directly from Helix knowledge. When your customers submit their queries, agents will receive a response template within their agent assist widget sourced directly from Helix knowledge.

This integration is a huge step forward. Contact your Khoros representative to add GenAI bots or agent assist to your agent desktop.

Agent asst desktop

Send WhatsApp broadcast messages without the hassle

Great news for marketing, service, and customer engagement teams who use Khoros Flow to send proactive outbound messages via WhatsApp. Creating message templates (MTMs) is now simpler to save time, improve accuracy, and reduce the risk of failed messages. You can now effortlessly create broadcast messages requiring pre-approval

Pre-built fields — no more code

Our latest addition to the flow builder is the "message template" feature! You can now access all essential WhatsApp template fields to send proactive outbound messages. Our Flow builder's "message template" seamlessly connects to WhatsApp Business, providing the necessary fields for creating templated messages. This integration streamlines the process and eliminates the need for code-based parameters and inputs.

Whatsapp template

Monitor chatbot performance with ‘Key metrics’ in Khoros Flow

We listened and delivered! Khoros Flow's chatbot feature now offers direct access to pre-built widgets from the "Performance" tab, which previously only contained Flow Journeys. This sought-after addition means that users no longer have to spend time creating and customizing chatbot analytics in Khoros Care.

We have added "Key Metrics" widgets to help you monitor and improve your service operation performance. These widgets include:

  1. Resolves: This widget displays the total containment rate by both channels, comparing the agent vs. bot resolution rate.

  2. Automation rate: This widget shows the percentage of the total conversation handled by the agent vs. the bot.

  3. Messages: This widget displays the volume of inbound and outbound messages.

  4. Outbound: This widget compares the volume of outbound messages that the agent sends vs. the bot.

The metrics sorting process is simpler and allows you to categorize them based on version history, date, channel, or language. Choose between graphs or tables and download the data as images, CSV, or JSON files.

Key metrics 1

Key metrics 2

Exciting news for Khoros Care users who communicate through Apple Messages for Business! Now, customers can preview content within the conversation with rich link previews, making the experience more accessible for customers.

The rich link generation feature will automatically detect all URLs agents send and convert them to rich link payloads. This update will give customers more confidence while accessing content outside the Apple Messages for Business experience.

Apple messages rich links

Accessibility enhancements in agent view

We are committed to improving accessibility in the agent desktop to deliver a more inclusive and accessible experience for agents and have made several updates and enhancements. In partnership with our accessibility consultants at Level Access, we conducted an in-depth audit to identify areas of improvement.

Our team has proactively changed colors and navigation features that enable agents to access essential information quickly using the tab and up/down arrows. All modifications meet a11y guidelines and requirements for the Web Content Accessibility Checklist (WCAG).

What’s next?

Stay tuned for our next Fresh Features episode, where we introduce innovative features that make managing customer experience easier across all touchpoints — regardless of entry, need, and cadence.

In the meantime, if you’re interested in learning more about the fantastic new features in this blog, please don't hesitate to reach out to your customer success manager or book a demo to learn more.

How can Khoros help?

The key to success is always being available for your customers wherever and whenever they need you. Khoros Service is a solution that helps enterprise businesses scale their customer service operations quickly, seamlessly blending synchronous and asynchronous modes. ​​

We are firm believers in the idea that every component, whether it is AI-powered bots or business applications, should work together to enhance the efficiency and effectiveness of customer engagement strategies.

Our customer service software allows brands to serve customers on their digital channel of choice with unmatched operational insight to boost satisfaction and reduce costs. When you unify multiple channels in a single workflow, you empower your agents with the ability to engage across all touchpoints, including but not limited to:

  • Messaging apps like WhatsApp, Apple Messages for Business, and Google Business Messages, Line

  • Social networks like Facebook, X, LinkedIn and WeChat

  • Review sites, like Google Play Store, iOS App Store, Yelp, and Trustpilot

  • Brand-owned channels, like web chat, in-app, email, SMS, and voice

  • Owned communities, forums, and knowledge bases

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