Service Fresh Features - Episode 3

Khoros Staff

We are thrilled to announce our latest product release, which features a Salesforce CRM connector for more efficient automation, agent assist tools for enhanced engagement, improved workflows for better conversation management, and seamless governance through change log enhancements.

Let's explore how these innovations can strengthen your digital customer service strategy.

Integrating Khoros CRM Premium with Salesforce for improved engagement

Introducing the Khoros CRM Premium connector, an innovative solution integrating CRM workflows into Khoros Care for an unparalleled customer engagement experience. This integration ensures that both systems remain synchronized, providing agents with a complete 360-degree view of customer profiles, no matter which engagement channel they’re using. Let’s explore what this means:

Enhanced Salesforce integration

    We now support seamless integration with Salesforce's case object, resulting in greater efficiency for CRM agents responding to and resolving conversations — without switching between different systems. With this feature, agents can search for Salesforce CRM contacts or cases, link them, and even create new CRM cases directly from the Khoros agent desktop. Alternatively, agents can manage multiple customer interactions directly within the Salesforce case object itself, making it easier than ever to provide exquisite customer service.

    Real-time data for enhanced customer experience

      This integration also provides a significant advantage by enabling real-time data updates. This allows your service and support teams access to customer experiences through bi-directional customer and engagement data. When agents leverage the latest information about customers and their engagement, they will gain a comprehensive understanding that equips them to enhance business operations. For example, agents can more easily utilize social and messaging conversation data to supplement customer information that, in turn, supports personalized interactions, improves problem-solving capabilities, streamlines communication workflows, and optimizes engagement strategies.

      New Agent Assist features to enhance customer service experience

      We listened and delivered! Agent Assist continues to bring exceptional results for Khoros customers, so we’re thrilled to announce the addition of two exciting new features to help you get the most from your widgets.

      "Provide feedback" directly within the user interface

        Your agents now have the excellent opportunity to provide valuable feedback on responses, knowledge, and content directly within the user interface. This sought-after feature enables agents to categorize their feedback by topic and widget type and add their own ad-hoc input as needed. This capability will go a long way in optimizing and enhancing the agent experience, enabling them to respond faster with the correct information at their fingertips.

        Maintaining consistency and efficiency with ‘lock compose’

        Lock compose is the second enhancement for our agent assist tool. With this feature, administrators can now lock the compose field, encouraging agents to utilize pre-defined responses or select from the readily available agent assist widgets before responding. Agents can easily unlock the compose field using an agent assist widget or clicking the unlock button if necessary. This optional feature is an excellent way to ensure that agents always use company-approved responses and content.

        Enhanced and upgraded Khoros Care's "Manage View"

        Khoros Care’s Manage View has new enhancements that enable service supervisors to review and manage conversations on all channels better.

        Favorites and duplicate views

        Teams can now access their preferred views with ease by designating them as favorites. Even better, they can streamline workflow creation by duplicating existing views, eliminating the need to start from scratch. The copied views will retain all the same columns, filters, and shared settings as the originals, simplifying the process of delivering exceptional service and support.

          The ‘Needs Attention’ column

            Using the high-level Manage View? You can now take advantage of the detailed task queuing feature. The 'Needs Attention' column will show you a clear visualization of any pending tasks that need immediate attention. This column integrates with other broader columned engagement views, making it easy for agents to manage tasks with precision and ease.

            Update to engagement filters:

              Teams will now be able to filter columns more easily based on engagement status — with three distinct options.

              1. The "Brand" option displays conversations already engaged with or handled by brand representatives.

              2. The "Non-Brand" option shows conversations that have been engaged with by community members or social users but not by brand representatives.

              3. The "No Engagement" option displays conversations and posts that have not been engaged with at all.

              Admin empowered to strengthen transparency and track changes

              This update will significantly improve the efficiency of tracking changes and promote transparency in Khoros Care Admin. Change logs under Account Setup now include source integrations, users, tags, and work queues. Additionally, before-edit snapshots and CSV export options are available for debugging, troubleshooting, and audit purposes.

              What’s next?

              Stay tuned for our next episode, where we introduce innovative features that make it easier for you to manage customer experience across all touchpoints — regardless of entry, need, and cadence.

              In the meantime, if you’re interested in learning more about the fantastic new features in this blog, please don't hesitate to reach out to your customer success manager or book a demo to learn more.

              How can Khoros help?

              The key to achieving true success is always being available for your customers wherever and whenever they need you. Khoros Service is a platform that helps enterprise businesses scale their customer service operations quickly, seamlessly blending synchronous and asynchronous modes.

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              • Social networks like Facebook, X, and LinkedIn

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