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Meet Khoros: Lithium + Spredfast Have Merged

by Khoros staff | Mar 05, 2019

Hello. We’re Khoros.

Hello is so often the first step in making an authentic connection, so if it’s alright by you, that’s where we’d like to start.


We’re a sparkling new brand created on the backbone of the two most powerful customer engagement platforms, Spredfast and Lithium. We launched today, just a few short months after one of the customer engagement industry’s most important mergers. We offer the single, best-in-class platform to engage with your customers throughout their journey.

Khoros | Demo request

We are Khoros. And we’re thrilled to share more about who we are, how we got here, and where we’re going. But honestly? We’re more interested in you.

That’s right ‒ you.

Here’s some proof: Our new name is the Greek word for chorus, a group whose job it was to interpret the action of plays for its audience. We’re here to help you to do the same. Let us explain:

Your customers are reaching out to you across every digital channel, and they expect your brand to be there, in a moment, responding to them in a consistent way. They don’t want to repeat their issues multiple times to several customer service reps. They want to be heard the first time and feel understood. Customers don’t care whether they’re being served an ad or an organic post. When it comes to customer engagement, your customers have one user experience across whichever digital channels they choose. That means your brand has to consistently connect with them throughout their journey in an authentic way.

It’s a difficult challenge, no doubt. But it’s one with unprecedented rewards: if you can avoid merely making contact with a customer, and instead truly connect with them, serving their needs, you can create a customer for life. That customer can become part of your brand’s community, and as you do this over and over again, your brand increasingly acts like a community, rather than merely serving one. Advocates speak loudly— and their voices are heard by and influence potential customers, as well as your bottom line.

We want to hear from you, to know you, and to know your challenges. We want to solve them. We want to be as invaluable to you as you are to your customers. It’s a noisy digital landscape — let Khoros help you connect with customers to create customers for life.

If you'd like to learn more about how your brand can leverage social media to create customers for life, download our whitepaper: Social Media Pocket Guide.

Social Media Pocket Guide

Social Media Pocket Guide

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