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Khoros Employee Spotlights | October

by Khoros staff | Oct 13, 2021

In this series, we put a spotlight on the people who make Khoros so great and... well, Khoros! Learn more about our talented employees — their interests, goals, dreams, and stories — and see if there’s a right fit for you to join the team.

As we celebrate Hispanic Heritage Month, we’d like to amplify the voices of our employees from these communities.

Meet Ailed. Ailed (@aaileed) is a Social Media Coordinator on the Strategic Services team at Khoros, where her coworkers have this to say: “Ailed is actual sunshine. She asks the most thoughtful questions, is so thorough and intentional in all aspects of her role, and brings a bright, positive energy to the rest of her team.”

When asked what Hispanic Heritage Month means to her, Ailed said:

“It's a month to celebrate my culture and where I come from. I was raised in a household where the kitchen and the dining table is a place of unity. On special, or not-so-special occasions, my family gets together and cooks, dances, and at the end of the day enjoys the food that has been made with love. Since I am the only one of my family living in the U.S., I like to have a couple of friends over, cook some of my family's recipes, and listen to Hispanic music. It is important to me not to let go of my traditions, so this is a great month to celebrate my culture.”

Ailed Miller

When asked how her Latinx identity has shaped her life experiences, she said:

“Coming from a different country and submerging myself in a different culture has made me be more open to meeting new people and learning about different traditions. The first year in the U.S. was a tough year for me because I felt like I didn't fit in, but that led me to get to know other first-generation students from all over the world. I wouldn't have done that if I stayed in Mexico City. Now, when I go back to visit family and friends, somehow it feels that I don't fit in like I used to, and that is okay. I am really looking forward to connecting with more people that have similar experiences and be proud of our journey, regardless if we fit in or not.”

For more stories like Ailed's follow #LifeAtKhoros, as we continue to shed light on our employees’ experiences.

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