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Khoros Employee Spotlights | July

by Khoros staff | Jul 15, 2021

In this series, we put a spotlight on the people who make Khoros so great and...well, Khoros! Learn more about our talented employees — their interests, goals, dreams, and stories — and see if there’s a right fit for you to join the team.

Meet Angita Bordoloi. Angita (@angitabordoloi and @thosecoupletales — she’s a travel vlogger too!) is a Talent Engagement Partner on the Talent
 team based out of our Bangalore office in India, where her coworkers have this to say: “Having her on the team makes a huge difference. Her positivity, flexibility, integrity, ideas and skills to run different programs with different teams on the floor effectively is admirable. I wish we could clone Angita in every team.”

Angita Bordoloi Khoros Employee Spotlight

When asked what personal experiences she’d like to shed light on, Angita said:

“Things have been at a halt since COVID-19, otherwise, I have been an avid traveler. From those experiences, I would say the more you travel, the more opportunities you get to unlock one’s own potential. I can’t wait for the beaches and the hustle & bustle of streets to return to normalcy soon. I love flocking with people, learning from their experiences & I firmly believe that we grow better together. So, I always look forward to every single opportunity to learn & contribute to make a difference to anything.”

On working at Khoros, Angita shared what her experience has been like:

“Khoros is an ecosystem, which offers a great opportunity for employees to explore themselves & bring the best out in an individual. The culture of the organization is contagiously awesome & so are the people. It’s the zeal of various teams that motivates me to come to work every day. As an organization, it has great potential with some awesome products & I’ve seen Khoros growing at an exponential rate over the last 2+ years. Lots to learn & explore on the way — that’s the best part of being here!”

For more stories like Angita’s follow #LifeAtKhoros, as we continue to shed light on our employees’ experiences.

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