A Month in Review: January social media trends and updates

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Staying updated with the latest social media trends and industry updates is crucial for businesses to remain relevant.

Each week, our social media experts compile a roundup of global topics and trends to keep our customers informed about the dynamic evolution of social media.

This month, we're diving into the biggest January trends and noteworthy industry updates that have been making waves online.

Instagram's Gen Z trend talk

Instagram recently unveiled the 2024 Instagram Trend Talk, providing Gen Z's perspective on trends shaping global culture this year. This insightful report results from a comprehensive survey examining Gen Z trends across countries such as the US, UK, Brazil, India, and South Korea. It's a fascinating glimpse into the emerging trends that will drive social media in the coming months.

Apple's Apple Vision Pro

On January 19th, Apple released a guided tour of its groundbreaking Apple Vision Pro headset. There was a lot of online buzz surrounding this release, with users expressing excitement after pre-ordering the product. Memes also had their moment, with some poking fun at the headset's weight. Comparisons with the dark world of "Black Mirror" persisted, just as they did when Apple first announced the product in June 2023. Negative conversations revolved around the starting price of $3,499 and how it stacks up against competitors like Meta Quest Pro.

Disney's "HoloTile Floor"

A video featuring Disney Research Imagineer Landy Smoot showcasing the "HoloTile floor" has sparked enthusiasm among AR/VR enthusiasts. This innovative tiled floor allows users to move in any direction while staying in the same physical place. Multiple people can interact with the tiles independently. Smoot envisions endless fun for users and sees the product being used not only in gaming but also in places like theatrical stages.

Industry updates


  • Meta, the parent company of Facebook, is introducing Link History across all regions, enabling users to quickly find links they've visited in the last 30 days. Brands should capitalize on this feature by ensuring proper link placement in their Facebook posts.

  • Meta is also testing options to create stories for friends, which could be a great opportunity for brands to source user-generated content.

  • WhatsApp channels are evolving to support voice messages, polls, and additional admins, making it a valuable tool for businesses to engage with their audience.

X (Twitter)

  • X is stepping up its game by launching a peer-to-peer payment service akin to PayPal. This move could open up new ecommerce opportunities and enhance the platform's overall utility.

  • X is also embracing video content, enabling content creators to upload directly to the platform. Notably, famous YouTuber Mr. Beast has already tested X's monetization capacity.


  • Microsoft has introduced a new generative AI feature aimed at aiding retailers and advertisers in creating captivating banner ad creatives. This feature streamlines productivity by allowing banners to be generated within seconds using a product's URL while adhering to each brand's style guide.


  • TikTok is pushing boundaries by testing 30-minute video uploads, a significant departure from its initial 15-second format. This change could pave the way for in-video ad placements and offer greater monetization opportunities for creators.

Google Chrome

  • Google Chrome is tapping into the power of AI by introducing an AI-driven "Help me write" feature. This tool assists users in drafting text based on their chosen subject, making it helpful in composing emails and writing reviews.


  • Threads users will soon be able to save their posts as drafts, facilitating post revisions at their convenience. As more users transition from X to Threads, these smaller updates collectively contribute to its growing utility.

Stay in the know

One thing is abundantly clear: the digital landscape is constantly in flux. With each week, new trends emerge, and the social media giants introduce innovative features that shape the way we connect, share, and engage with one another online.

Keeping a finger on the pulse of these changes is not just beneficial; it's essential. Whether you're a business looking to stay ahead of the competition or an individual navigating the social media universe, staying informed is the key to success.

The insights and updates we've covered this month provide a glimpse into the exciting journey ahead.

Stay tuned for more trends and industry news in the coming months. The world of social media is a never-ending adventure, and together, we'll continue to explore its uncharted territories.

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