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It's Time to Kill the Spreadsheet: Introducing Campaign Planner

by Khoros Staff | May 12, 2016

Editor's Note: This post was originally created by Spredfast before Spredfast and Lithium merged and became Khoros.

Let’s take a second and recognize what a busy week last week was if you were a social marketer. You posted that great photo of a cold marg on Thursday for Cinco De Mayo, snapped a big hat and seersucker shot on Saturday from the Kentucky Derby party, and wished all of the moms out there a happy Mother’s Day on Sunday. In addition to whatever other posts were already scheduled, this meant your brand had plenty of content to wrangle. And if you’re like the 42% of brands who say they use more than four tools when planning content, it means you are dealing with what we call here planning chaos.

One of the most difficult aspects of planning for holidays, major marketing efforts, or everyday posts is organizing all that content so you can make sense of it. In a world where you could have dozens of targeted versions of each post across paid or organic audiences, copy created by people all over the world, and the need to share that content plan and calendar with the rest of marketing, a single spreadsheet view just doesn’t cut it.

Which is why Khoros (formerly Spredfast) is proud to introduce Campaign Planner, the most comprehensive social planning software available. Marketers tell us all the time that they face intense pressure to produce and publish vast quantities of content, but are inhibited by limited tools and the inability to coordinate effectively across teams. Campaign Planner is what they’ve been waiting for: a single place to plan, collaborate, and build every campaign.

Monitor your marketing

Available for subscribers of Social Marketing immediately, Campaign Planner organizes any marketing event into a single place so that you can safely coordinate everything associated with producing social content and publish when you are ready. That includes the timing of posts, your social channel mix, images and videos associated, copy, links and much more. Khoros (formerly Spredfast) Campaign Planner was created from the desire to replace the spreadsheet, so that every element from idea to post can be managed from one place. Coordinating and making changes to your social marketing plan in Campaign Planner means greater efficiency for getting everything needed in one place, ready to publish. Change a cell in a spreadsheet?

Garner insights into the effectiveness of your key themes

Great content marketing plans are only as good as the content you put into them. Content must have a purpose, and its distribution and purpose alike must be influenced by past performance indicators and previous conversation on social. Campaign Planner does that work for you: Khoros (formerly Spredfast) gives you the past data around the keywords or terms most important to the plan. We also allow for the flexibility to adjust your plans in real time based on what social media is telling you right now. By giving you information about the social conversation and status of all your content, you can make informed, data-based decisions.

Collaborate around your campaign

According to our report, 52% of marketers report working with five or more teams. Creating a cohesive social marketing campaign that is in line with the rest of marketing requires working with key stakeholders across the company, as well as any agency partners. One of the biggest challenges we set out to solve in creating Campaign Planner was making it incredibly easy to collaborate on any step in the social planning or content creation process. To that end, we are proud to include a new internal chatting function for users to @mention other team members and get updates on the plan or add comments on the direction of a particular post. We have also made it extremely easy to assign post responsibility to various team members and strengthened an already strong workflow and approval path to make it dead simple to find posts waiting for content or approval and take action with one click.

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Track your plans’ performance

Ultimately, we want to give you the best possible picture of what worked, where you can improve and whether or not you hit your goals. Campaign Planner boasts a purpose-built interface that offers you the most important information about your social efforts, like organic vs. paid performance, top images associated across channels and engagement, awareness, and conversion metrics.

There will always be weeks with multiple marketable moments—some even more packed than last week’s—like holidays, anniversaries, big events and product launches. The news cycle will catch you off guard, demanding attention even as your already-scheduled content plan must march on. But you can take control of your content planning with Campaign Planner, turning those busy weeks into opportunities to wow your social audiences, instead of simply struggling to stay afloat.

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