The Future of Customer Engagement is Here

Khoros Staff

The funny thing about the future is that it sneaks up on you — pretty soon, it’s the present. Right now, your customers hold you to a high standard, especially when it comes to digital engagement, because that’s where they spend their time… almost 6 hours a day, on average. Right now, your customers expect you to know them. And right now, they expect and demand a relationship with your brand that truly earns their trust.

The future of customer engagement is here — and the future of customer engagement is a united Spredfast and Lithium. Today marks the official close of our agreement to merge companies. We are the category creators of branded communities, social media marketing, and social media care. As a combined offering, there will be no better solution to help global brands understand and engage with today’s modern consumer. Together, we will help your brand bridge its marketing and customer care efforts to make it easy to reach, serve, and build lifelong relationships with customers.

Our companies share a common mission: to transform the way businesses build customer trust and loyalty. This North Star is the chief reason behind our merger. But there are other shared strengths between our companies that make this merger incredibly exciting. Together, we manage one billion people connections to businesses and our combined customer community of 2,000+ brands sets new standards for customer engagement by embracing the most innovative ways to connect with them. And our new company has the healthiest financial position in a ruthlessly competitive landscape.

Only Spredfast and Lithium together can offer a secure space to manage your entire digital customer engagement. Only Spredfast and Lithium together can offer one view of your customer, one engagement interface, one way to measure results. Only Spredfast and Lithium offer the deepest connections with social networks, the biggest ecosystem of integrations with software partners, the most nimble product development team ready to respond to an ever-changing landscape, and the most dedicated team of experts who come to work every day to help our customers succeed.

This combined platform will offer you a way to unify your tech silos into a cohesive and comprehensive view of your customer. It will also offer you brand governance through a single interface to manage each and every digital engagement. And once you’ve done your work, our platform will give you a simple way to surface, analyze, and act on your customer insights — across your entire business.

Your customers are telling you what they want — you just need a simple way to see their signals through the noise. Together, Spredfast and Lithium can do that for you. Only we can deliver the future of digital customer engagement to you, and we are so excited to partner with you on that future.

I’m hoping to see many of you at one of our upcoming events, where we can continue the conversation about the future of customer engagement. Come see it at CX Live in Austin this week, or join us next month for our SmartSocial Summit back in Austin November 5-7.

In the meantime, we are so excited about the road ahead and the chance to enable every brand around the world to deliver world-class customer engagement. The future is here. Join us!

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