How we’re using Khoros CXI to improve our own customer experience

Anna Lazarski, Senior Manager — Customer Experience

This is the first in a series of blogs describing our journey to deploying CX Insights here at Khoros. Stay tuned for more!

Here at Khoros, we strongly believe in using our own products in our customer engagement efforts. We use the Khoros platform to manage our social media accounts, to run our online brand community, and of course to measure insights from our customer interactions. This blog is a success story about that last one: how our Customer Insights team uses Khoros CX Insights to enhance our customer experience and generate business value.

First, though, let’s talk quickly about Khoros CX Insights. The solution is relatively new: we announced it at the beginning of 2021 as a truly omnichannel analytics platform. In other words, CX Insights looks at all your customer interactions — social media, chat, SMS, even voice — and analyzes them to reveal important trends and (you guessed it) insights. The idea is that you can use these insights to eliminate inefficiencies and streamline your customer experience. You may have data to show inefficiencies, but CX Insights can reveal the customer sentiments that will help you uncover why those inefficiencies exist.

So, how does it work in practice? Let’s find out.

Analyzing the customer journey, before Khoros CXI

The two-person Khoros Customer Insights team works to amplify the customer’s voice and identify ways to better drive partnership, provide value, and improve our product and services. Naturally, a lot of what the team does involves drawing insights from customer feedback. The team also works with our Service Design team (also within the CX&O department) to prioritize customer feedback and foster cross-functional internally collaboration to improve processes and enhance our customers’ experience.

Prior to implementing CXI, our customer insights program was functioning, but disjointed. The process of gathering insights was inefficient for two main reasons. First, the process of analyzing customer feedback and identifying actionable issues was manual and thus extremely time consuming, especially for our small team. Second, even once insights were gathered, they were spread across multiple internal systems, creating silos and inefficiencies at every step of the process.

On top of this inefficiency was an even bigger issue: our understanding of the customer journey was limited to solicited feedback from surveys and interviews. And as we’ve seen, although solicited feedback is really important, brands need to look at unsolicited feedback as well in order to really understand their customers.

Harness the power of unstructured data

The implementation process

We began our implementation of Khoros CX Insights by taking stock of the channels we wanted to analyze:

  • Voice (Khoros, customer calls, product coaching)

  • Email (Khoros software support cases)

  • Maia (Khoros Bot)

  • Atlas (Khoros community)

  • Survey scores and feedback

As you can see, all but the last category are potential sources of unsolicited feedback — sources we weren’t tapping before we implemented Khoros CXI.

Next, we began tracking down internal system owners and stakeholders to help us export the right data sources. This actually proved to be the biggest challenge in the whole process, as data had been siloed for so long. Another reason it’s been challenging to find the right data sources is that we need to translate CX-speak into layman’s terms. This is where the Khoros CXI enablement team, which works with many customers besides ourselves, has been incredibly helpful. Not only have they have helped us identify the best places from which to pull data; they’ve also helped us smooth over the communication process with our own internal teams.

Finally, we determined how we wanted to measure success in our implementation. Namely, our Customer Insights team planned to partner with our service team to track the performance of initiatives that came from CXI and the impact they have on the customer experience.

Growing our Customer Insights team’s impact

Our Customer Insights team focuses largely on service design and customer engagement. Beyond just surveying, we are looking to identify customer pain points that are captured over various touch points (support cases, calls with account teams, questions in our community). We then prioritize and work with the service design team to break down silos within the organization to act on insights, and measure how our efforts impact the customer experience. Our customer engagement function helps to identify what our customers need through operational and product data and deliver content and training materials to make sure they are using the product optimally, and realizing ROI.

Using the information provided by our Insights team, our Service Design team is responsible for leading conversations across the business and identifying what changes can be made to improve our business functions and customers’ experience.

Real insights a retailer uncovered with CX analytics

The impact of CXI (so far)

Almost immediately we are able to listen more efficiently and holistically to our customers across every channel where they interact with us. Just as importantly, Khoros CXI helps us identify useful verbatim quotes and text snippets to interpret and share internally. The solution also helps our Customer Insights team understand the volume of feedback: how many times an issue or theme is coming up, how many customers it is affecting, and what the value is of the customers impacted.

The insights are flowing, but we will continue to showcase how we have made improvements on our customers' journey.

Before Khoros CXI, disjointed customer data made it difficult for our team to quantify the impact of negative experiences in our customer journey. We were also missing out on a large volume of customer interactions (things like calls, community data, etc) that would have been difficult to analyze without the power of CXI and AI/ML. We have attempted in the past to analyze customer feedback using a labeling structure and an AI/ML tool, but we still missed out on CXI’s ability to view all of our customer data in a truly omnichannel view. Creating visualizations was difficult before given our team is research-focused. Now we can view and create reports on the platform, as well as use CXI to quickly investigate and validate friction points in the customer journey.

But results are coming!

As part of every CXI deployment, our team of CX and business value experts analyze the data to provide insights into customer delight and friction. Like every brand that uses Khoros CX Insights, we will get four reports over the next six months full of recommendations for how to improve our business. Stay tuned to see what we find!

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