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Celebrating one year of Khoros

by Khoros staff | Mar 05, 2020

Today, March 5, we look back on one year of serving customers as Khoros — a company built from the solid foundations of Spredfast and Lithium Technologies.

For the past year, Khoros has offered enterprise brands the ability to deliver the connected digital experience their customers deserve and expect by combining one-to-one, one-to-many, and many-to-many touchpoints in one elegant platform. As we celebrate the efforts of the past year, we’d also like to highlight the success of our customers over the past year and of the Khoros teams that serve them. Putting our customers first, serving the brands we are entrusted with above and beyond for customers and the community.

Shared success with our customers

None of our successes would be possible without our customers, who as a whole deserve to be celebrated. We’re honored to say that more than 2,000 brands trust Khoros for digital care, marketing, and community solutions. Over the past year, our customers have pushed us to do better, like when they asked us to make it simpler for them to deploy chatbots to improve the customer experience and reduce costs. We’ve been hard at work to meet these needs and we’re happy to announce our launch of the Khoros Bot.

The agility and flexibility with which our customers made the transition from Spredfast and Lithium to Khoros speaks to their brand strength and determination. We consider our customers as partners, and we look forward to what we’ll build together in the future. We’re thankful to serve customers like Melissa who had this to say:

“We wanted a community platform with consistent enterprise-level abilities as well as a history that showcased staying power and could support a long-term partnership, and that’s why we chose Khoros.”

— Melissa Potvin, Director, Qlik Communities

The Customer Impact

We’re proud to have had a positive impact on our customers this year in two important ways: new product releases and Khoros Engage, our yearly gathering of social media marketing professionals.

Over the past year, we released exciting, innovative products including:

We’ve also found new ways to serve customers and help them achieve their goals with our Strategic Services team. This team of social media experts has worked with 23 unique accounts since the merger and with many more sub-accounts.

Additionally, Khoros Engage brought more than 500 digital customer engagement leaders together for a three-day conference in Austin, Texas, this past September for networking, workshops, training sessions, and exceptional keynotes. One of the most important takeaways from this one-of-a-kind event was how vital it is for brands of all types to recognize that customers today are no longer simply impressed by the best product. Today, customers are seeking out brands that create and maintain strong relationships with them. At Khoros, we work hard to ensure your brand remains all-ways connected with every customer, and with our team. To ensure you’re at the cutting edge of digital marketing and care, secure your Khoros Engage 2020 spot now.

Contributions of the Khoros Team

The merger of Spredfast and Lithium was an exciting time for both customer engagement platforms as the capabilities offered by each complimented each other so well. We kept the best of each brand’s legacy and formed them into the global leader in customer engagement software that Khoros is today.

We’re proud to highlight our brand’s successes and community involvement over the past year, including:

  • Serving 341 new customers as Khoros
  • Securing four patents since the formation of Khoros
  • Participating in many charitable events around the world, giving of our time and resources and bringing the spirit of engagement to life in the communities where we live
  • We moved into a brand new, innovative campus in Austin, TX

We were honored and humbled to be recognized by Built In as the best place to work in Austin in 2020. In just one year, we’ve hired 415 people around the world, from Austin to London to Bangalore. We’ve long believed that well-supported team members offer the best customer interactions.

Thanks for a great first year together — we’re looking forward to many more.


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