The Best Instagram Stories from New York Fashion Week

by Khoros Staff | Sep 14, 2016

Editor's Note: This post was originally created by Spredfast before Spredfast and Lithium merged and became Khoros.

Summer 2016 was indeed a memorable one on social with shots fired on Snapchat over Kanye's "Famous" video controversy, Pokemon Go dominated the conversation, and Instagram reached a new milestone: Instagram Stories. This new feature allows users to give live video updates. We were curious to see if it was gaining traction, so we analyzed the debut of Instagram stories for New York Fashion Week to find the best examples of how brands are standing out by adopting this new feature.

Content that dominates on Instagram Stories

Backstage Mayhem

Similar to other live events, Fashion Week is hours of hard work for a 15-minute grand exposition. But fashion brands know how to create anticipation and excitement by posting a plethora of behind-the-scenes footage on social media.

Traditionally, brands share the backstage experience before the big show begins. But if you want to break away, consider giving your audience a raw look into the entire day: from beginning to end and everything in between. Make them feel like they were there. Carolina Herrera and Oscar de la Renta gave their Instagram audience a sneak peak into their exhibit before the audience was allowed in. Tip: If you’ve got a great venue, flaunt it. An invitation to fashion week might be exclusive, but experiencing your brand’s presence doesn’t have to be.

Share live-show reminders

Hosting your fashion show live? Call it out on your story and feed like Vera Wang. Make information easily accessible by providing a link in your Instagram profile bio.

#Views from the front-row

The most compelling updates from NYFW on Instagram were shot from a coveted front-row seat. In order to instill serious FOMO, up-close views are a must. Tip: Consider adding effects like slow motion and rewind to really stand out. The ability to see the fabric and details close-up in a raw video is unparalleled.

The right content in the right place

Place the most compelling images of the event on your page while reserving Instagram Stories to capture unfiltered moments throughout the event. The New York Fashion Week Instagram account used their page to inform followers of schedule and reserved stories for in-the-moment snapshots of the event. When determining what content belongs in your story versus your page, make sure they are complementary and not redundant.

Most importantly, have fun! Make sure the best and most shareable moments make it to your page.

Lessons from the early adopters

What can brands learn from bloggers who are quick to adopt new features? Aimee Song, known as Song of Style, approaches Instagram stories exactly like Snapchat. During New York Fashion Week, she even posted the same content on both to make sure her followers don’t miss a post if they favor one app over the other.

Bloggers take you everywhere with them. From breakfast to the late night, they’re giving their audience a glimpse of what it’s like to be at Fashion Week. So brands, don’t hold back.

They also get inventive with their front-row seat. Chiara Ferragni, also known as “The Blonde Salad,” used emojis that matched the dress in front of her.

Instagram Stories vs. Snapchat

Take advantage of key differences

Despite obvious similarities between Instagram Stories and Snapchat, it’s important to focus on what makes Instagram stories different to help you create the best content.

  1. Audience Insights — Unlike Snapchat, Instagram empowers users with more insight on who’s viewing their stories. Take advantage by offering targeted rewards, incentives, or by creating a dialogue like asking them to repost their favorite look.
  2. Bigger Audience Size — Your Snapchat followers might be more loyal, but your reach on Instagram is most likely bigger since the network is more established. Also, your story's appears at the top of your users Instagram news feed, so your audience will most likely see it.
  3. Hold on to your story — Your best posts don’t have to have an expiration date. Take the videos and photos you’re most proud of and make them evergreen.

The overall adoption of Instagram Stories was lower than expected from designers and brands at NYFW. But those who fully embraced it found some interesting ways to use the new feature and reach their audience. For those willing to experiment you may find Instagram Stories expands your social toolkit.

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