5 Examples of Amazing Social Media Customer Service
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5 Examples of Amazing Social Media Customer Service

by Phil Garbrecht | Sep 26, 2019

According to a study by the University of Southern California, using social media to handle customer service issues cuts costs, increases retention, and boosts sales.

The study found that handling a customer issue on social media costs as little as $1, compared to $6 for issues that go through call centers. Furthermore, companies with social care programs experienced a 7.5% year-over-year increase in customer retention (compared to a 2.9% increase for companies without a social care offering). As an added bonus, customers who had a positive social media customer service experience spent 40% more with that brand and were three times more likely to recommend it to others.

Using social media to provide customer care benefits businesses and consumers, so make sure your strategy focuses on delivering exceptional experiences with each interaction.

Here are a few examples of companies that routinely go above and beyond with their social media customer service, as well as lessons you can learn from them on topics such as response rate, brand voice, and feedback management:

1. Zappos' unmatched response rate

    Zappos quick Facebook response rate
    Zappos quick Twitter response rate

    (Source: Zappos’ Facebook and Twitter)

    According to Marketing Daily Advisor, Zappos was one of the first brands to recognize the potential of social media for businesses. Since 2012, they’ve dominated by focusing less on marketing and more on building relationships. The customer care team at Zappos will answer any question, comment, or concern about their products and are more than happy to help with unrelated matters such as finding a good local hairdresser.

    Zappos is recognized as a national leader in customer service and their efforts to go above and beyond regularly go viral across social media because they’ll help customers with almost anything.

    Your organization may not have the resources to answer every random request like Zappos, but look for ways to go above and beyond when you do respond. Answer the initial request and ask a follow-up question to see if there’s anything else you can help with. Show your audience that your main objective is to provide help rather than just get through a to-do list.

    2. Spectrum’s investment in their social media customer care team

    When you invest in your brand’s customer care team, they are able to excel. Spectrum demonstrates the value of such an investment: They tripled the staff on their social media team and onboarded Khoros Care, allowing them to process 200k posts within the first 6 months. To learn more about their story, read our case study.

    Spectrum now has a dedicated support account on Twitter, @Ask_Spectrum. Spectrum uses the account to respond to customers with service questions, complaints, and other issues. They also use the account to offer customers updates about service interruptions or general account changes. Many of @Ask_Spectrum’s updates receive a fair amount of negative sentiment (nobody likes service interruption), but the care team does an excellent job of quickly, warmly, and helpfully replying:

    Spectrum has also increased their social care agent productivity by 57% through better organization and tracking, demonstrating that you don’t always need more agents, sometimes your care team just need better organization and more helpful software.

    Spectrum sets itself apart from their competitors on social media through efficiency. Spectrum can reply at a rapid pace because they’ve invested in a sizeable team rather than relying on a few people to handle all requests. Companies that don’t have the resources to create this kind of experience can consider outsourcing their social media customer care needs to an experienced partner.

    3. Stubhub’s rapid response

    Responding to your audience is important, especially when they have a pressing concern. But, most brands cannot respond with equal speed to every single social media inquiry. Khoros customer Stubhub offers an excellent example of how to ensure you respond to everyone who needs it, when they need it.

    StubHub offers their audience rapid response times through issue prioritization. Some issues require an immediate response, like the example in the image on the left (below). Other issues, while still important, are less urgent, like the example in the image on the right (below). Khoros helps StubHub prioritize issues that need an immediate response over posts that can wait a bit for a reply.

    4. Topgolf’s audience engagement

    Building connections with your social media audience is key: your audience doesn’t only want answers to questions and concerns (though they of course also want those things): they want to feel like they are a part of a community as well. The best way to make your audience feel important and as though they belong is, simply, to talk to them.

    Topgolf does a great job of connecting with its audience by engaging in brand-relevant conversations on social media. This is possible because of the social media monitoring and listening tools available through Khoros.

    5. British Gas’ focus on resolving issues correctly

    Social media users don’t just want answers from brands on digital channels, they want the correct answers, something that Khoros customer British Gas understands and prioritizes.

    British Gas polled their customers and discovered that an accurate response was more important to them than a quick response. Now their social media team goes above and beyond to ensure questions are answered correctly the first time. They do this by following up with customers to get account information and check into issues rather than by simply following a script, as that can lead to errors.

    Your brand can ensure that you offer customers the correct response, too, by organizing your incoming social media communications, effectively training staff on your social media team, and empowering them to use their knowledge and voice, while remaining on-message. In this way, you can put the customer first.

    Provide an amazing social media customer service experience for your customers

    Don’t settle for good enough when it comes to customer care — learn how Khoros can help you exceed expectations with every interaction by reinventing your social media strategy.

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