4 Ways to boost your LinkedIn marketing strategy

Khoros Staff

There’s a reason why Fortune 500 companies use LinkedIn more than any other social media platform.1 Not only is it the top channel for lead generation for B2B marketers, but it also offers a full-funnel approach to nurturing those leads2 – from building awareness to educating your prospects to conversion.

50% of LinkedIn members report they are more likely to buy from a company they engage with on LinkedIn.3

If you’re looking to capitalize on the value this powerful platform offers as a content distribution channel and source for generating quality leads, here are four tips to taking your LinkedIn marketing strategy to the next level (read our Social Media Pocket Guide for additional insight).

1. Boost your brand organically

One of the best ways to establish your brand presence is to make sure your LinkedIn Company Page is robust.4

  • Add Showcase Pages for products and thought leadership content.
  • Encourage your employees to create LinkedIn profiles and ensure they’re optimized.
  • Make SlideShare a part of every campaign by sharing presentations, videos, webinars, and infographics.
  • Create an “always-on” strategy with executives, subject matter experts, and employees for publishing content.5 While short-term campaigns can be effective in driving spikes in sales and engagement, always-on content marketing focuses on building long-term connections with your audience through storytelling and high-quality content. A strong brand narrative will resonate with customers at all points of the customer journey and eliminates the risk of post-campaign lulls often seen after quick-win campaigns.

No LinkedIn marketing strategy would be complete without a detailed plan to engage your audience with valuable content.

2. Boost authentic conversations

LinkedIn Groups provide a unique opportunity to foster authentic conversations and build relationships with your community. They also give insights into the questions, pain points, and content topics of your target audience. LinkedIn groups are not the place to pitch your products and services, so leave your billboards at the door. Instead, think of them as a way to nurture leads in the hopes that these relationships will eventually translate into new business.6 It takes several interactions with your brand and your content to convert prospects to buyers. In fact, LinkedIn found that the average decision maker reads ten pieces of content before finalizing their purchase decision.7

To get started, first, research which groups are most relevant to your business and content marketing strategy. Also, since companies cannot post in groups, you’ll need to identify which members of your team will be active group participants. The Content Marketing Institute recommends following these tips for effectively posting in LinkedIn Groups:

  • Make a spreadsheet of all your content creation team members and the groups to which you’ll be publishing. Every time a new piece of content is published, note which LinkedIn groups will benefit the most from the content.
  • Always try to ask a question or share a valid opinion on the content you post.
  • Enlist employees to be brand ambassadors by commenting and asking questions surrounding your post.8

3. Boost your share of voice through targeted advertising

Today’s digital marketing leaders are expanding their reach and share of voice through targeted advertising. In addition to sponsored content, LinkedIn offers a variety of advertising solutions including dynamic ads and display ads:

  • Dynamic ads allow you to precisely target decision-makers and influencers with highly relevant and customizable creative. Tip: Add a one-click “Follow” call to action to your ads to grow your Company Page’s follower count. Followers of your Company Page will then see your updates in their LinkedIn feeds, allowing you to reach them organically.
  • Display Ads are banner ads in standard display ad formats and placements that enable you to reach audiences at scale, similar to Facebook Ads and Google AdWords. Tip: Convert more prospects to buyers by retargeting website visitors based on key pages they view on your website.

4. Boost open rates and conversions

If you’re looking to promote downloads of your latest white paper or boost registrations to your next webinar, LinkedIn Sponsored InMails offer a way to send personalized messages to LinkedIn users with message open rates much higher than standard email campaigns.9 Here are a few best practices to get the most out of your campaign:

  • Keep copy under 1000 characters and include a body link.
  • Use a strong visual.
  • Personalize with the recipient's name and job title.
  • Use clear calls to action with these top keywords: Try, Register, Reserve, Join, Confirm, or Download.
  • Select a sender who is credible with your audience and relevant to your message.
  • Optimize your landing page for mobile.10

For more information on marketing with LinkedIn, read our Social Media Pocket Guide.

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