How Khoros delivers innovative CX with AWS

We use Amazon Web Services to deliver fast, reliable, real-time digital customer engagement. Our AWS partnership allows the Khoros engineering team the flexibility to build a platform that delivers faster insights, more efficient collaboration, and AI-powered tools to help our customers provide award-winning experiences.

  • Compute


    We run our entire platform on EC2, ECS, and Lambda, and use SSM and SWF to coordinate workflows and releases..

  • Data storage

    Data storage

    We use EBS for instance storage and S3 for tons of other types of storage. All (well almost) of our SQL datastores are running Amazon RDS. We also make heavy use of SQS and Kinesis for critical application message passing.

  • Enterprise scale

    Enterprise-level scale

    We utilize reserved instances, spot instances, and other AWS cost-saving techniques to control global spend while running our enterprise 24x7x365.

  • Display

    Display performance

    Our clients enjoy high-availability and low latency of their consumer-facing applications through multi-region failover capability and use of Amazon Cloudfront.

  • Compliance

    Compliance & GDPR

    We offer data storage in North America, Australia, and the EU to ensure all of our customers have the security of knowing where their data lives.

Guidance from Amazon:

  • Microsite must be a fully dedicated page to the AWS collaboration, and should highlight how the partner works with AWS at a holistic level
  • Must be easily accessible through the AWS Partner’s website, linked from the main website or within a partnerships tab
  • Must highlight benefits of collaboration with AWS including specific practices or solutions on AWS
  • Highlight any attained AWS competencies or differentiation programs, APN Tier badges, and AWS logos
  • Ensure correct AWS Service and Product names are used

Best practices

  • Architecture diagram that clearly displays collaboration and technical integrations between the partner and AWS services
  • Additional resources such as customer success stories, case studies, links to solutions briefs, and any other relevant information supporting the AWS Partner’s capabilities and experience
  • C-Suite level quote(s) affirming collaboration with AWS
  • Specific solution descriptions, blog posts, or press releases