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Amazon Connect & the Digital Contact Center

Khoros delivers innovative Digital Contact Center Solutions with Amazon Connect

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Why we win together

Khoros has partnered with the Amazon Web Services team to deliver an enterprise-level omnichannel Contact Center solution for our Customers. This offering pairs one of AWS’ fastest growing services, Amazon Connect, with Khoros’ expertise in asynchronous customer support. This solution represents the first true single pane of glass for customer service agents -- unifying all customer communication channels, CRM tools, and interaction management software and powered by an intelligent recommendation and personalization engine.

Our Amazon Connect partnership allows Khoros to accelerate digital transformation and adoption by combining voice, webchat, and asynchronous channels such as app chat, SMS, Apple Messages for Business, Google Business Messages, and social channels without the need for large development teams and budgets.

The Khoros and AWS value proposition is definitely 1+1=3 as the integration of Khoros with Amazon Connect truly represents a new kind of contact center, created to support digital customer journeys while providing escalation paths to voice calls, all managed seamlessly in one single agent desktop. Leveraging the flexibility and ease of Amazon Connect, the Khoros solution is now a consolidated, efficient platform that transforms the contact center into a digital experience center, meeting customer needs when and where they want to engage. 


Khoros partners with numerous brands around the world to better their end customers’ experience. With 100's of customers, including over 31% of Forbes 100 companies, Khoros helps manage 500 million digital interactions daily and is included in the top 100 companies that supports the largest global web traffic. Our customer case studies demonstrate our expertise and competency in specific industry verticals and how the Khoros solution can be leveraged for customer experience and communication in any type of marketplace.

  • Financial services


    Khoros has been selected by numerous FinServ organizations as their vendor of choice to support customer engagement for topics of utmost importance - finances, privacy, insurance. This demonstrates trust and confidence in Khoros and the level of professionalism our solution provides for agents.

  • Retail


    The largest retailers depend on the Khoros solution’s scalability, security, and enterprise level performance to provide fast and effective workflows supporting thousands of products and purchase-centric inquiries from first contact to resolution.

  • Travel hospitality

    Travel & Hospitality

    Companies within the T&H sector understand that CX is of paramount importance when the possibility of travel plans going awry. With the power of Khoros solutions, companies serving the traveler can create an experience that translates into brand loyalty, goodwill, and a happy customer.

Khoros Built on AWS

The Khoros platform is built 100% on AWS cloud infrastructure, leveraging over 70 resources or workloads to develop, compute, process, store and monitor all features and functionality of each solution set.

  • Enterprise scale

    Enterprise-level scale

    We utilize reserved instances, spot instances, and other AWS cost-saving techniques to control global spend while running our enterprise 24x7x365. Khoros has over a decade transforming digital contact centers to meet the needs of our customers as channels continue to proliferate.

  • Suggested responses

    Technical & data compliance

    We offer data storage in North America, Australia, and the EU to ensure all of our customers have the security of knowing where their data lives.

  • Compliance

    Compliance & GDPR

    We offer data storage in North America, Australia, and the EU to ensure all of our customers have the security of knowing where their data lives.

  • Compute


    We run our entire platform on EC2, ECS, and Lambda, and use SSM and SWF to coordinate workflows and releases.

  • Data storage

    Data storage

    We use EBS for instance storage and S3 for tons of other types of storage. All (well almost) of our SQL datastores are running Amazon RDS. We also make heavy use of SQS and Kinesis for critical application message passing.

  • Display

    Display performance

    Our clients enjoy high-availability and low latency of their consumer-facing applications through multi-region failover capability and use of Amazon Cloudfront.