The future of online communities: 

metaverse & web3

Date: Wednesday, April 26th

Time: 12pm GMT

Metaverse: the word is everywhere, but who genuinely understands what it is? Who understands that, at its core, metaverse is a fully immersive, digital community augmented by virtual reality?

Companies are starting to think about how to incorporate metaverse into their brands, into their customer relationships and into their existing communities. The ones who get it right are guaranteed to reap the benefits of adding such a novel way to connect to their customers.

Join Mathew Krawczyk, our community innovation specialist as well as Jan Biller, CEO and Partner at Glowing Blue for a metaverse 101, to understand what the first movers are doing in the virtual world, and walk away inspired for your own customer engagement strategy.

If you are a community manager, owner, content creator, generally a community and user experience lover, you can't afford to miss this inspirational webinar!


Mathew Krawczyk

Community Strategist Consultant, Khoros

Jan Biller

CEO & Partner, Glowing Blue