Khoros provides enterprise companies with a holistic view of paid and organic social media to drive business value through seamless customer engagement.

SAN FRANCISCO, CA — April 24, 2019 — Today, Khoros (formerly Spredfast and Lithium), the leading digital customer engagement platform, announced the launch of Ads capabilities to help enterprises maximize their paid and organic social media programs. As the first innovation released by the recently merged company, Ads capabilities drive home the need for enterprises to have clear sight into every piece of their organization and stay All-Ways Connected to their customers.

At enterprise companies, social teams can be siloed, such that the organic team is working on one campaign, while they have little visibility or alignment to what the paid social team is working on. The real problem with this approach lies with constraining return on ad spend. Without a complete picture of what’s going out on behalf of their brand and how it’s performing, brands miss out on the ability to collaborate and improve business results.

“Among CMOs social marketing has quickly become the top channel across the buying journey due to social media ads delivering the long sought after ROI of social,” said Pete Hess, CEO of Khoros. “When siloed and separated, paid and organic are diminishing their potential value to the business. Visibility on one platform ensures a full picture of what is being planned and achieved in any given social campaign, and we’re excited to offer this new capability to our customers.” Marketers need tools that help them plan, execute and measure social advertising, across networks, at scale.

With Khoros Ads capabilities, organic and paid social teams have direct access to see what ads and posts are going out in real time. Ads capabilities are an overlay across Khoros Social Marketing that bring best-in-class planning and reporting on organic content to native advertising tools like Facebook Ads Manager.

Key Features:

  • Visibility: Gain a single view of your content across ads and posts for visibility into everything going out on behalf of your brand.
  • Governance: Control access to your data and understand which pages are associated with which ad accounts.
  • Reporting: Augment existing marketing dashboards to include paid and organic posts together in one dashboard.
  • Moderation: Use the same workflows to respond to customer comments, whether organic vs paid, to ensure consistency in brand voice and customer experience.

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About Khoros
Khoros, formerly Spredfast + Lithium, is the leading customer engagement platform built to turn siloed knowledge into enterprise value, and customers into contributors. By connecting consumer insights across all departments, Khoros gives companies the ability to run their business with their customers, anticipating their needs and accelerating sales, loyalty, and innovation. With 2,000+ customers, including 52 of the Interbrand 100, and ten offices globally, Khoros powers approximately 500 million digital interactions every day. From social media to online communities and messaging to digital customer care, Khoros helps companies authentically connect with customers throughout their journey.

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