Social media analytics: A cheat sheet of everything you can measure

Why is social media analytics so important?

In the past, marketers focused on gathering as much data as possible, rather than focusing on the right data. In order to be successful in today’s data-cluttered world, your social media marketing team needs to strategically decide which metrics to collect in order to prove the value of your brand’s strategy.

Understanding social media analytics

To make your digital strategy more efficient and effective, you’ll need to do some social media analysis. This cheat sheet, originally published by Spredfast before the Spredfast + Lithium (now Khoros) merger, covers all the key metrics that your team should consider. Our social media experts break down each metric, along with any formulas that go with it, to give you a deeper knowledge of social media analytics.

How your team can use this social media analysis cheat sheet

Use this cheat sheet as a guide to understanding social media analytics: which metrics are available, how to use them, and what they mean in terms of action items for your team.

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